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Valant Featured in ‘Telepsych Health – The Future of Psychiatry’ Podcast


Valant CEO Ram Krishnan was recently invited to join The Future of Psychiatry Podcast, hosted by Dr. Bruce Bassi MD MS (an addiction psychiatrist and biomedical engineer), to talk about the landscape of tech in behavioral health. In addition, Ram gave insight into how and why we’ve built Valant EHR exclusively for behavioral health. The chat includes a look behind the scenes of Valant’s product development process, illustrating the tradeoffs and decisions involved in building the ideal behavioral health EHR.

Listen in on the conversation as Dr. Bassi and Ram Krishnan discuss:

  • Why EHR is the “operating system” of behavioral health practices
  • Why using a behavioral-health focused EHR matters
  • The impact of AI technology on EHRs
  • How Valant facilitates measurement-based care, group therapy, and telehealth
  • Product/feature development & usability at Valant