Treatment Planning

Flexible planning. Optimal results.

Treatment Planning Features

Evidence-Based Content Library

Access to hundreds of problems, goals, objectives, and interventions for efficient, clinically-robust treatment plans.

Multiple Signers

Built-in options to include multiple internal or external signers on patient treatment plans.

Clinical Note Attachments

Integrated attachment of treatment plans with ability to review the plan from a clinical note.

Review Cycles

Adjustable review cycles to ensure regular plan evaluations for compliance and consistent care.

Common-Sense Functionality for Efficient, Individualized Treatment Plans

Chart the most efficient course toward patient improvement with Valant treatment planning. Designed by behavioral health professionals, our user-friendly treatment planning solution creates a living document right within your clinical notes for reference at every appointment. Build an initial plan at intake, then easily update it over time with treatment modifications and client progress. This helps keep you and your client focused on specific goals.

A good treatment planning solution should simplify your daily operations. Valant treatment planning assumes administrative burdens by automating the regulatory requirements for insurance purposes, tracking updates to keep multiple providers in-the-know, reviewing dates, capturing signatures, and more. Free up time to focus on what matters: your patients.

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

The 5 Costly Treatment Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Behavioral health practices often have to fight for insurance remuneration, so it is important to have solid treatment planning tools and methodology in place to show the medical necessity of your rendered services. See the 5 small, but expensive mistakes being made by providers in practices of all sizes – and how to remedy them.

Easy, Individualized Treatment Planning

With Valant, you can create treatment plans quickly and easily while still tailoring them to each client. When you assign a diagnosis, Valant’s system automatically generates a treatment plan template in your clinical notes and suggests a decision tree of problems, goals, objectives, and interventions commonly associated with that diagnosis. You can map a plan efficiently by using these suggestions, or use the customization feature to create custom problems, goals, objectives, and interventions for specific clients.

patient reviewing treatment plan on laptop
man reviewing treatment plan on laptop

Up-to-Date Diagnostic & Treatment Information

Valant’s treatment planning decision tree was built using the most up-to-date diagnostic materials available to behavioral health providers. It is based on the DSM-5/ICD-10 to give you the best practices in behavioral health right at your fingertips.

Measureable Goals

Valant’s system allows you to make SMART treatment goals within the plan itself. You can specify goals by timetable, by a target number of sessions, and much more. Specific, measurable outcomes help you make a case for the value of your services to insurance payors, and provide an objective “baseline” against which to measure client progress, guiding you along the most efficient path toward patient improvement.

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What They’re Saying

Progress notes are easy to use and treatment plan suggestions make this process easy. Informed Consent, Diagnosis page, Mental Status Exam and many other suggested or necessary documents are at your fingertips.

Ann S.Owner

The software facilitates efficient screening, scheduling, initial evaluation, and ongoing treatment by allowing the patient to interact directly with administrative personnel, clinicians, and assessment instruments.

David B.Owner

It is intuitive and easy for our counselors to use… organization of patient charts and history is outstanding.

Candyce N.Administrator

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