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Precision Treatment Planning for Mental Health Excellence

Innovative Treatment Planning for Modern Mental Health Practices

Customizable Treatment Plan Types

 Easily create and manage multiple treatment plan types tailored to various payer requirements and treatment modalities. Valant’s adaptive system allows for quick cloning and customization, providing a seamless setup experience for mental health treatment planning.

Extensive Content Libraries for Mental Health

Choose from a wide array of content libraries, including Valant’s comprehensive library, your practice’s custom library, and the provider’s personal library.

Automated Review and Reminder System

Stay compliant with customizable review cycles and automated reminders. Valant’s system ensures consistent documentation and adherence to regulatory standards, making it a leading treatment planning tool.

Streamlined Plan Ownership Management

Efficiently manage treatment plan ownership transitions, ensuring continuity of care and documentation with Valant’s mental health software.

Integrated Treatment Plan Updates

Update treatment plans directly from clinical notes, enhancing the documentation process and enabling real-time progress tracking with Valant’s mental health software.

User Experience Designed for Mental Health Clinicians

Valant’s redesigned interface offers providers a comprehensive overview of treatment plans, with intuitive dashboards for monitoring review cycles and signing statuses. Clinical directors gain a panoramic view across teams, with the ability to reassign plans and ensure timely reviews, all within Valant’s mental health EHR software.

Treatment Planning

The 5 Costly Treatment Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Behavioral health practices often have to fight for insurance remuneration, so it is important to have solid treatment planning tools and methodology in place to show the medical necessity of your rendered services. See the 5 small, but expensive mistakes being made by providers in practices of all sizes – and how to remedy them.

Data Analytics and Customization in Treatment Planning

Utilize Valant’s robust analytics to monitor treatment plan statuses and ensure your team’s documentation meets the highest standards. Customize treatment plan templates to reflect your practice’s unique approach, with the flexibility to set review frequencies, required signers, and content tailored to your needs, only with Valant’s EHR for mental health.

Treatment Planning
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Ensuring Regulatory Compliance with Advanced Support

 Build treatment plan templates that align with regulatory requirements, featuring specific data fields and measurable goals. Master the new treatment plan tool with Valant’s comprehensive documentation, including articles and video tutorials. Benefit from a design that’s intuitive for users, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing efficiency with Valant’s mental health treatment planning software.

Valant’s Competitive Edge in Mental Health Treatment Planning

Set your practice apart with Valant’s advanced treatment planning capabilities. Unlike other solutions, Valant offers the ability to create treatment plan templates with built-in guardrails, multiple content libraries for unparalleled flexibility, and scalability to meet the needs of large mental health practices. Embrace a solution that’s clinically and administratively superior, as attested by our positive beta tester feedback.

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What They’re Saying

Progress notes are easy to use and treatment plan suggestions make this process easy. Informed Consent, Diagnosis page, Mental Status Exam and many other suggested or necessary documents are at your fingertips.

Ann S.Owner

The software facilitates efficient screening, scheduling, initial evaluation, and ongoing treatment by allowing the patient to interact directly with administrative personnel, clinicians, and assessment instruments.

David B.Owner

It is intuitive and easy for our counselors to use… organization of patient charts and history is outstanding.

Candyce N.Administrator

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