Your Scheduling Command Center

An integrated calendar experience to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Scheduling Features

Patient Self-scheduling

Patient-led availability search and appointment requests with assigned provider(s) through the MYIO portal.

New Patient Appointment Requests

Intake streamlined through an easy new patient appointment request tool linked from website to EHR.

Flexible Calendar Views

Expansive calendar displays filterable by provider and facility with options to save preferred views.

External Calendar Sync

Seamless 1-way sync to external calendars for comprehensive view of clinical and personal schedule.

Do-it-all Workflows from the Scheduler

Central location to accept payments, check in patients, start notes, and launch telehealth visits.

Multiple Time Zone Scheduling

Effortless scheduling across zones with unique facility, provider, and patient time zone settings.

Waitlist Management

Easy-to-use availability search tools, ability to add patients to a waitlist from the scheduler.

Efficient Group Scheduling

One-off and recurring group appointment scheduling for efficient administrative workflows.

Scheduling Just Got Easier

Scheduling appointments, collecting payment, and staying on top of documentation have never been easier.

Valant’s Scheduler is more than a calendar. The Scheduler serves as a hub, allowing you to navigate to all your critical tasks with just the click of a mouse from any calendar appointment. For example:

  • Accept a credit card payment
  • View billing charges
  • Open the patient chart
  • Update or review patient demographics
  • Assign outcome measures and deliver to your patient’s MYIO account
  • Adjust appointment category, add-on codes, or modifiers
  • Start or re-open your clinical documentation
  • Initiate a telehealth session

Thoughtful appointment icons keep your entire practice informed and organized, allowing you to see documentation status, appointment notes, co-pay information and more. These at-a-glance visual cues reduce the potential for errors and miscommunication between front-office and back-office staff.

scheduling system
man scheduling appointment on laptop

Reduce Double Entry

Gone are the days of manually creating a superbill for your clients or entering the same information in multiple places to submit a billing claim. Valant’s Scheduler houses all the information necessary to create claims without re-keying the information in multiple places. Within each appointment, you’ll find all the required information for an 837 file or CMS1500, and with the click of a mouse, billing information is automatically submitted to create a claim, or a patient statement is sent via the patient portal for your client to submit their own claim.

Stay on Top of Clinical Documentation

It can be challenging to keep up with your clinical documentation and no manager wants to micromanage that process. Valant’s scheduler provides undeniable visibility to undocumented sessions and incomplete or unsigned charts with a clear red/yellow/green indicator. These visual cues help you manage your documentation and hold yourself or your team accountable to completing documentation in a timely manner.

woman reviewing schedule
Man at computers

Increase Scheduling Efficiency

Create and store numerous customized HIPAA-compliant views to reduce clutter and schedule intakes more quickly. Search provider availability, schedule one-time or recurring individual and group appointments, and allocate free or busy time slots. 

Easily toggle between saved calendar views for a single provider, multiple providers, program type, a particular facility or room, or the entire practice. These custom views shave time off the scheduling process by showing the schedules of only the relevant providers.  

Offload some of your scheduling work to the MYIO patient portal. Through the portal, your patients can view a list of available appointment slots and request which one(s) they want. Your practice will receive the request and have the option to approve it before it goes on the calendar.

How Efficient is Your Private Practice? Take the Quiz to See How You Stack Up.

For every billable hour, your practice must also account for the time spent on scheduling, billing, documentation, and other processes that support the provision of care. Take this short quiz and gain some perspective on where you can tighten up areas of inefficiency.

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What They’re Saying

As a therapist I can get to information from my computer or from my phone if I'm out of the office. There are also a large amount of measures which are extremely beneficial in tracking patient care.

Amy E.Therapist

I really appreciate how Valant is fine tuned to exactly the items that need to be included in my notes for seeing patients as a therapist.

Anna G.Therapist

The software does everything that my small practice needs.

Angela H.Owner

EHR Patient Scheduling

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