See More Clients and Improve Outcomes

Streamline your practice and achieve better outcomes with a practice management software built for data-driven therapists. With Valant, you can complete clinical notes in-session, pre-load patient-reported outcome measures, schedule consultations based on availability, and automatically input client information into your EHR. By simplifying administrative and clinical tasks, you can focus solely on your clients and improve patient care.

Starting Maintaining Growing Your Practice


Getting ready to start your practice.


Learn how to grow your practice.


Maintain your established practice.


Grow your thriving practice.

One Secure Solution for Your Solo Therapy Practice

At Valant, we’ve made it easy to manage all aspects of your workday without the need to switch between multiple software systems or struggle with integration issues. Plus, with our strong encryption for client data, you can have confidence in HIPAA compliance every step of the way, and provide the highest level of protection for your clients’ information.

Outcome Measures

Let data drive your decisions about client progress by auto-collecting and scoring 80+ behavioral health-specific outcome measures.

Finish Notes During Sessions

Configurable macros and click-to-generate narratives give you text shortcuts to quickly complete clinical notes during appointments without sacrificing quality.

Build and Track Treatment Plans

Our treatment plan templates allow you to quickly create goals, objectives, and interventions within your clinical notes and customize each one with ease.

Generate and Send Superbills

Easily generate superbills by changing a patient’s “statement preferences” to include details needed for reimbursement with out-of-network payers.

Get Paid before Sessions Start

Secure payment for every session through integrated credit card processing and a paywall option for telehealth appointments.

Give Patients a Flexible Digital Experience

The MYIO portal gives clients the power to request appointments, message providers, fill out and sign consent forms, pay for sessions prior to joining, and access your treatment resources, all online.

Host Interactive Group Appointments

Telehealth features like a whiteboard, screensharing, and chat options support interactive sessions for groups of up to 30 participants. One-off and recurring group appointments, and group notes enable you to host group therapy programs and treat families all within Valant.

Keep Everything Secure in the Cloud

All information in Valant is HIPAA and PCI-compliant, cloud-based, and backed up by multiple secure servers to maintain privacy and system integrity.

20 KPIs for Private Practice

Experts in behavioral health metrics, Valant has put together a comprehensive white paper outlining 20 key performance indicators private practice owners should take into account when tracking the progress of their practice toward its goals.

Common questions from others like you

How can Valant help me speed up documentation?

Valant’s tools automatically generate narratives, update diagnoses, carry forward information from previous notes, and populate patient-reported outcome measures into your notes. With Valant, you can complete your documentation during each appointment and say goodbye to weekend catch-up work.

Why should I chose a behavioral health-specific software?

An EHR meant to serve multiple healthcare disciplines may not offer the functionality your practice needs to best serve patients. Similarly, EHRs built only for therapy often lack robust reporting and billing features you need to scale your practice. You need an EHR that supports a wide variety of behavioral health-related billing codes, easily manages recurring appointment schedules, offers well-integrated telehealth with interactive features like whiteboarding, has note templates appropriate for behavioral health, and more. Valant was designed by behavioral health providers, for behavioral health providers.

How can I see more clients with Valant?

With Valant, you can increase your treatment capacity by leveraging automation. The MYIO patient portal streamlines the intake process and allows patients to handle tasks that previously took up your time, such as submitting appointment requests and paying bills online. Valant’s documentation automation features also help you complete clinical notes during the appointment, and our platform can automatically send, score, and record outcome measures for each patient. With these tasks taken care of, you can see more patients without sacrificing the quality of care or increasing your workload.

How can Valant help me reduce daily admin work?

Valant has your back with easy-to-use automation features that will free up your schedule. The software auto-generates billing components for each appointment and color-codes unbilled, overdue, and in-process claims to help you stay on top of billing. The Pending Transactions queue makes it easy to stay on top of documentation, and our clinical notes have automation tools that help you breeze through your daily tasks. The MYIO patient portal lets your clients handle their own appointments, payments, and information updates. With Valant, you’ll have more time to do what you love – help your clients thrive.

How Can Valant Help Everyone at Your Practice

Practice Owner

Manage a compliant and more profitable practice, retain your providers, and improve the patient experience.

Non-Prescribing Clinician

Spend less time documenting and more time focusing on what matters most: your clients.

Office Manager

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and collecting payments.


Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your billing operation with streamlined workflows and purpose-built reporting.