Grow Your Billing Agency Faster and Smarter

Serve more and larger clients by utilizing software that makes your work more efficient. Valant delivers faster workflows and detailed visibility into the billing practices of each client, at the practice level or across an entire franchise. Monitor provider productivity, payroll, claims submission, and other factors that impact revenue.

Billing Software for Behavioral Health-Focused Agencies

Valant offers advantages to billers who serve behavioral health practices. With guardrails to ensure proper documentation for claims, integration with leading clearinghouses, and detailed reports on patient outcomes that allow you to negotiate higher reimbursement from insurers, you’re well-equipped to help behavioral health clients grow their bottom line.

Pending Transactions Queue

Track appointments with incomplete documentation to ensure all claims are finished before submission.

Oversee Services Across Multiple States

Superuser access allows you to log in to multiple franchise or practice accounts, while time-zone awareness keeps cross-state treatment scheduling on track.

Access Practice-Wide Reporting

Get a 360 view of key patient, provider, and admin metrics across practices with our reporting tools.

Negotiate Higher Reimbursement Rates

Use Valant’s patient outcomes reporting features to demonstrate the quality of your clients’ care to payers.

Integrate with Leading Clearinghouses

Valant’s integration with two leading insurance clearinghouses allows you to serve a variety of patients.

Get Paid before Sessions Start

Ensure your clients secure copays or full payment before every telehealth session through integrated credit card processing and a paywall option for virtual appointments.

Export Data Tables for Analytics

Valant works with you to export the data you need for deep-dive analysis at a frequency of your choice.

Create Role-based Permissions

Fully customizable role profiles allow you to set specific permissions for each role to fast-track new staff and clinician onboarding.

Common questions from others like you

How does Valant help me serve multiple behavioral health practices?

Our software trims unnecessary steps from the billing process and makes it easier to track and manage submitted claims. This shortens the administrative time and effort needed to manage each client, giving you the space to take on more practices. Valant also offers exceptional visibility into the billing practices of each client.

How can Valant help my practices increase revenue?

Valant helps mental health practices cut down on claims denials and closely monitor overdue payments. The software generates bill components using the EHR’s central patient records, drastically reducing typos and mistakes, and guardrails in the system help prevent billers from submitting claims with missing info. Once claims are submitted, you can easily generate reports on overdue claims to pursue missing money faster. With integrated credit card processing and an optional paywall for telehealth sessions, you can ensure that clients pay their fair share at every appointment.

How can I save time using Valant to manage my existing clients?

Valant automatically generates a bill component when services are scheduled, saving time and reducing errors. Simple color-coding on the billing dashboard helps you easily sort overdue, unbilled, and in-process claims, so you can more efficiently track payments. Even superbills are simple to generate within the patient portal. Valant’s strong reporting features help you keep track of every aspect of billing for a more efficient process.

How does Valant help me increase visibility into practice workflows?

Through Valant, you can log in to a specific practice account and identify how quickly their clinicians are completing documentation, how well they are using add-ons and modifiers, and where the practice is experience hiccups in the billing process. This detailed visibility into the workflow allows you to better serve your behavioral health clients.