Drive Franchise Growth with One Scalable Solution

You need software that can keep pace with your growth. As you expand your client roster, your services, and your locations, Valant creates a consistent management structure for all admin and clinical processes across your franchise. With Valant, you’ll be able to maintain exceptional visibility into workflows at the practice level and franchise-wide.

Maintaining Growing your Practice.


Maintain your established practice.


Grow your thriving practice.

Your EHR Partner for Long-Term Success

Behavioral healthcare is evolving. Valant helps you stay ahead of the curve in behavioral healthcare. We equip you with the tools you need to tackle new challenges, like the shift to telehealth and the push toward value-based care. With Valant by your side, you can confidently step into the future.

Oversee Services Across Multiple States

Superuser access allows a parent organization to log in to multiple practice accounts, while timezone awareness keeps cross-state treatment scheduling on track.

Fast-track New Staff Training

With an e-learning platform, sandbox environments, and live or on-demand webinar training options, Valant supports as-you’re-ready training to get new staff up to speed.

Automate Patient Onboarding

The MYIO patient portal collects consent form signatures and guides new clients through account setup so you don’t have to.

Export Data Tables for Analytics

Valant works with you to export the data you need for deep-dive analysis at a frequency of your choice.

Create Role-based Permissions

Fully customizable role profiles allow you to set specific permissions for each role to fast-track new staff and clinician onboarding.

Broadcast Messages to Patient Groups

Communicate quickly with multiple patients at once about provider availability, provide practice updates, or promote new programs.

Track Provider Productivity & Client Retention

Reports on provider performance and client retention help identify clinicians who could benefit from additional support and clients most likely to complete treatment programs.

Monitor In-demand Modalities

Enable prospective clients to indicate their interest in treatments and join waitlists for services you plan to offer in the future.

Common questions asked by others like you

How can Valant help us scale our operations?

Valant supports a scalable data model built to expand in scope as your organization does. Superuser access gives you the ability to add new standalone practices or multiple franchises while maintaining visibility across locations. Our automation features handle new patient onboarding, speed up and streamline documentation, collect patient-reported outcome measures, ensure payment for services rendered, and free up staff time from scheduling. As you add staff, we fast-track their training with an e-learning platform and live or on-demand webinar options.

How does Valant help us create a consistent experience across locations?

With Valant’s patient portal, MYIO, it’s easier than ever to give patients a consistent experience across brand locations. MYIO standardizes the intake process and gives clients at every location the same user-friendly methods to message their provider, request appointments, pay bills, and join telehealth sessions. Because MYIO centralizes your communication channel with patients, you can define a brand voice to use across locations.

How customizable is the Valant system?

Valant is built for flexibility. Customize intake forms to fit your practice needs, and configure reports that focus on your most important KPIs. You can create macros, tailor clinical note templates, treatment plans, appointment reminder messaging, and much more. Valant will work with you to ensure our software meets your unique needs.

How does Valant help facilitate the EHR transition?

When it’s time to make the switch, Valant implementation experts will walk you through data migration and workflow configuration, supporting your EHR transition at each step. We offer ongoing educational resources to help you get the most from your new EHR. Our dedicated support usteam is standing by to help ensure your success.

How Can Valant Help Everyone at Your Practice

Practice Owner

Standardize workflows and treatment goals across the enterprise in order to deliver a consistent patient experience.

Prescribing Clinician

Handle a full roster efficiently with thorough patient medical records, e-prescribing, and visibility into medication compliance.

Non-Prescribing Clinician

Valant makes value-based care easier than ever by automating the use of outcome measures for each patient.


Efficient billing processes, reports on unsubmitted claims, and payment tracking help you get bills promptly to payers and collect revenue in a timely manner.

Office Manager

Give staff the support they need in their busy workday with Valant’s easy-to-use functionality.