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An Easy, Efficient Therapy Notes Software

Every therapist can appreciate that documentation is an integral part of treating clients. Without client notes, it would be impossible to remember diagnoses, track progress, and provide relevant details to other therapists.

At the same time, documenting each encounter with clients is extremely time-consuming. Therapists need access to an efficient, streamlined psychology notes software program to ensure they provide the best possible service to clients. User-friendly software also makes it possible to work well as a team among other professionals serving the same client. Valant’s psychotherapy notes software program allows therapists to save time without sacrificing the quality of client notes.

Save Time on Your Progress Notes

Perhaps you have used general medical notes software and found yourself feeling frustrated because it did not pertain specifically to behavioral health. Valant understands the frustration of trying to work with general software that does not understand the language, coding, and other nuances of the behavioral health industry. We have created our progress notes software with mental health therapists and clients in mind.

Our software gives therapists the ability to select from more than 100 clinical sections that correlate with evidence-based behavioral healthcare treatment modalities. Here are a few examples:

  • Child and adolescent therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Eating and weight management disorders
  • Marriage and family therapy

At Valant, we understand documenting notes from a therapy session is much different than documenting notes in a typical primary care appointment. For example, therapy sessions usually run about 50 minutes long while the typical visit to a doctor’s office can be over in 20 minutes. Therapists must listen intently to clients who often become emotional while relaying information to them. Typing notes on a computer can be a barrier and a distraction, making it difficult for clients to develop trust in their therapist.

Valant offers a fast, discrete solution to the unique challenges of patient charting in the behavioral health field. Accessing our platform on your mobile device allows you to simply check boxes with pre-filled narratives as your client speaks. After the session, if necessary, you can either dictate clinical narrative into your smartphone/tablet/computer or manually type in order to create more complete notes.

Our psychotherapy notes software program also enables you to save time before meeting with a client for the first time and reviewing paperwork during sessions. Using Valant’s Patient Portal, your clients can review and complete important documents prior to their visit. Pre-therapy questionnaires/screeners and outcome measures are common examples of documents located in the Patient Portal. 

Other clinical documentation features make Valant’s behavioral health therapy software unique compared to a generic EHR software:

  • Ability to carry forward notes from previous sessions to avoid having to start fresh with each new appointment
  • Billing details, including appointment time and duration, patient demographic data, behavioral health provider’s name, and CPT code
  • Chart data such as patient allergies, medications, current diagnosis, and past diagnoses.
  • Customized note templates and intake forms
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Secure messaging capabilities
  • Video telehealth option

Easily Update Therapy Notes and Required Documentation

You may be wondering if it is possible to remain in compliance with charting and billing with such an easy-to-use software system. Valant’s psychotherapy notes software makes it possible to keep the documentation process simple while still allowing you to obtain all data required by your payors. You always retain maximum flexibility to change details of the therapy note, including the diagnosis or CPT code.

Once you feel satisfied with how your therapy note looks, simply submit it to the patient’s insurance provider for reimbursement. Your final report appears in a simple layout that looks professional, contains all the required information, and is easy for insurers to follow.

Are you ready to upgrade to software made specifically for behavioral health practices? Contact Valant today with additional questions or to arrange a customized demonstration.