Performance Reporting

All the data you need in one place.

Performance Reporting Features

Aging Reports

Efficient management of overdue payments and collections through detailed aging reports.

Payments Reports

Timely insights into billers’ payments to improve payment collection strategies.

Detailed Revenue Reports

Ongoing reviews of practice financial health through in-depth revenue reports.

Service Units & Payroll

Payroll calculations simplified through service units, generating consistent payroll reports.

Patient Retention

Strategic insight into patient retention, driving adherence to treatment through discharge.

Referral Source Tracking

Reporting to identify and track valuable referral sources and opportunities for referral expansion.

Billing Documentation Status

Compliance and minimized liability risk assured through automatic documentation status tracking.

Outcome Measure Aggregation

Exportable aggregate data to report on practice-wide patient outcomes over time for compliance and contract negotiations.

Detailed Performance Reporting Makes Your Practice Stronger

Take advantage of robust reporting features to make your practice productive, efficient, and strong.

Valant software gives you the most relevant information on billing, productivity, client outcomes, scheduling, and more to help optimize your practice’s services and processes. Productivity tracking at the aggregate level shows how your revenue is trending and allows you to react quickly if it trends downward. At the provider level, you can intervene with support and professional development for individuals who need it, and reward high achievers. Score reports give insight into client progress so you can be sure that your practice is fulfilling its main mission: helping clients. 

Valant’s full-fledged reporting system helps you fine-tune the business side of your mental health practice by offering more information on your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. See what diagnoses your providers have the most success treating, and spot areas of high turnover that may warrant professional development or program improvement. Catch and address low retention rates quickly in order to maintain your reputation as a practice worthy of referrals. 

In some instances, a lack of marketing may be holding your practice back from its full potential, and customized reports on things like referral sources and client location can help pinpoint these opportunities as well. It can also spark inspiration for new programs to address new trends in patient needs.

With customized reports that can track any field you like, you’ll be able to examine the specific factors that influence your practice. It’s not a personal business adviser, but it’s pretty darn close.

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See How to Improve Your Business Reporting

The most common comment we hear at Valant is “I had phenomenal clinical training but the one class I was never taught in graduate or medical school was How to Run my Practice.” What we have realized is that the cornerstone of running and managing a practice is having proper access to information that will help guide an end-user to clinical and financial success.

Get More Payments Faster

Use our comprehensive insurance and billing reports to keep a handle on overdue payments and collections. The “payments collected” report lets you see whether your billers are collecting payments in a timely fashion. When an insurance payor becomes a repeat offender for late payments, you can document how frequently they fail to pay and how late their bills are; this helps you approach them armed with all the information needed to retrieve the money you’re owed.

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Simple Payroll Calculating

Take the hassle out of payroll with Valant’s automated payroll calculator. Forget the days of manually entering data from your payroll productivity reports and crunching the numbers yourself. With Valant, an auto-generated report shows you exactly what to enter into your payroll system, every time. You can choose to calculate payroll by the hour or by service.

Prevent Liability Issues

Robust reporting features give you the power to double-check details of the workday that could cause liability issues for your practice. You can view reports specifically on common liability trouble spots like unsigned documents, undocumented appointments, and the appointment scheduling of medicated patients. Keep an eye out and make sure everyone within your practice is doing their due diligence for patient treatment.

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What They’re Saying

I have been using Valant software for over a year now and it has saved me a large amount of time with the awesome reporting features that come with the software.

LaKeita H.Co-Owner/Billing Manager

The Report tool has become a favorite for providing clear data to the providers/owners.

Nelda H.Office Manager/Billing Agent

Valant allows our practice to set up clients, manage client medical records, bill clients and insurance companies, process insurance EOB's, customize note templates that are tailored to our practice, create reports (patient aging, insurance aging, productivity, charges, client lists, etc.), an online portal system for statements, etc.

Elizabeth L.Director of Operations

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

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