The Valant Difference

What makes Valant different than other EHRs?

Designed for Behavioral Health Practices

Choosing an EHR for your practice can be tricky. There are a lot of software options out there that pretend to be geared towards behavioral health. Or, they say they can customize everything to work for behavioral health. Or, their bare-bones functionality simply doesn’t offer the capabilities you need to run a thriving practice.

Valant’s fully integrated EHR and practice management software is different. Our technology was designed by a psychiatrist, frustrated with the shortcomings of EHR software built for primary care and other medical disciplines. Our software is built for the unique workflows, billing requirements, and documentation needs of behavioral health clinicians and their practices.

“I really appreciate how Valant is fine tuned to exactly the items that need to be included in my notes for seeing patients as a therapist.”

Anna G.Therapist
Computer with Valant EHR Software on screen

Integrated Measurement-Based Care

Many clinicians yearn to shift to a more data-driven approach to care but struggle with the administrative burden of implementing measurement-based care in their practice. 

With a large built-in library of rating scales and measures, combined with smart automation to carry the data across workflows, Valant makes it easy to provide measurement-based care. 

“It helps my staff and myself stick as closely to evidence based care as possible.”

Jennifer S.Executive Director

Clinical Documentation That Practically Completes Itself

Documenting your sessions can be time-consuming, especially without the right tool. Using Valant, clinicians can complete their notes before the next session even starts.

Structured note templates can be assembled from over 100 modular sections that have been built and vetted with top behavioral health clinical advisors for each area of expertise (i.e. CBT, DBT, eating and weight disorders, marriage and family therapy, etc.). 

Assessment data and auto-generated clinical summaries are pre-populated from the intake questionnaires and outcome measures prior to the appointment, eliminating the hassle involved with reviewing and summarizing the data manually. 

Historical notes, chart data, outcomes data, clinical questionnaires, and billing information can be carried forward from one note to the next, eliminating the hassle of starting from scratch for each visit.

“The clinical templates are clearly designed for me. Efficiency is a big deal for me and Valant helps me improve efficiency every day.”

Deann L.Owner and Psychiatrist

Versatile Scheduling and Notetaking for Individuals and Groups

No one likes a rigid system. Gain the flexibility your growing practice needs to schedule multiple types of appointments. Valant’s scheduler offers the freedom to customize your calendar and available or busy appointment categories. Want to allot time slots in the morning for new patients and block off an hour each day to catch up on your notes? Done. Need to quickly reschedule a recurring appointment? Easy with Valant’s Availability Search. Concerned about allowing patients to schedule their own appointments? Customize your available calendar blocks so that patients can only schedule within time slots you allow. 

Documenting sessions according to your specific needs while adapting to your practice’s diverse appointment types is simple with Valant’s Mobile Notes. Accomplish more in less time with less typing through customized macros and note templates. Assign measures on the fly while you’re documenting sessions. Complete your group therapy notes and carry them directly into individual notes with ease. Valant’s robust documentation system adapts to the needs of your behavioral health appointments, helping you provide stellar medication management, individual psychotherapy, group counseling, and more. 

“Keeping track of the payments is a breeze. Progress notes are easy to use and treatment plan suggestions make this process easy.”

Ann S.Practice Owner

Invested in Your Success

There are many different reasons to invest in an EHR and practice management software. What you’re hoping to achieve from the technology can vary widely from practice to practice. 

At Valant, our entire team is laser-focused on understanding your goals and ensuring our software is helping you achieve them. We recognize that our success only comes after you find success using our tool. 

During the evaluation process, we ask a lot of questions to make sure we thoroughly understand what you are trying to achieve and why you are shopping. Our implementation experience is customized to those goals, diving deep in the areas that are important to you. We regularly check in and provide resources that help you fully utilize the functionalities that will help your practice achieve your goals. 

Because of this, our customers don’t leave. We are proud to have one of the highest customer retention rates in the EHR industry.

“Valant is an example of what can be achieved with a great team of programmers and support personnel! This will be a well spent investment in your practice.”

Paul C.Physician Assistant - Psychiatry
Telehealth meeting

Results Matter

Customers who switch to Valant report improved outcomes, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.


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Ready to Make the Switch?

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