Expand Your Practice's Reach and Revenue Potential

Expand your practice capacity and make a greater impact in your community with Valant software. Our platform streamlines processes and reduces the workload for staff and clinicians, allowing you to scale faster and serve more patients efficiently. With infrastructure for measurement-based care, you’ll achieve better patient outcomes and improved financial results. Let Valant help you grow and reach your goals.

Starting Maintaining Growing Your Practice


Getting ready to start your practice.


Learn how to grow your practice.


Maintain your established practice.


Grow your thriving practice.

A Robust, Scalable Solution for Behavioral Health Organizations

Valant’s EHR seamlessly scales with your growing practice, managing multiple locations and increasing client demand. Our all-in-one software simplifies the process of opening new doors, streamlining new client onboarding and staff training. We make new client onboarding a breeze and new staff training fast and easy. Scale your practice effortlessly with Valant.

Schedule Across Timezones

Establish timezones by facility and by user to easily coordinate appointment scheduling when clinicians and patients are in different regions.

Access 360-view Reporting

Get a 360-view of key patient, provider, and admin metrics and insights with our reporting tools.

Automate Patient Onboarding

The MYIO patient portal collects consent form signatures and guides new clients through account setup so you don’t have to.

Negotiate Higher Reimbursement Rates

Leverage built-in and schedulable patient-reported outcome measures from intake through discharge to collect, track, score, and report on data-backed patient outcomes to payors.

Retain Patients and Providers with Easy-to-Use Features

Keep your patients engaged and simplify your clinicians’ lives with Valant’s user-friendly MYIO portal, offering one place for all patient interactions.

Get Paid Before Sessions Start

Obtain payment for every session using integrated credit card processing. Enable our optional paywall feature to collect payment from patients prior to appointments.

Supervise Clinicians in Training

Valant offers an easy workflow for supervisors to review, edit, and sign off on notes for clinicians-in-training.

Fast-track New Staff Training

With an e-learning platform, sandbox environments, and live or streamed webinar trainings, Valant supports on-demand training to get new staff up to speed.

The Continuum of Change Management

Our whitepaper ‘The Continuum of Change Management’ breaks down the complexities of managing change in your organization and explores how different types of EHR solutions can help you overcome those challenges.

Common questions asked by others like you

Why should I choose a behavioral health-specific software?

An EHR meant to serve multiple healthcare disciplines may not offer the functionality your practice needs to best serve mental health patients. You need an EHR that supports a wide variety of behavioral health-related billing codes, easily manages recurring individual and group appointment schedules, offers well-integrated telehealth with interactive features like whiteboarding, has note templates configured for behavioral health, and more. Valant was designed by behavioral health providers, for behavioral health providers.

How does Valant help my practice switch EHRs?

When it’s time to make the switch, Valant implementation experts will walk you through data migration and workflow configuration, supporting your EHR transition at each step. We offer ongoing educational resources to help you get the most from your new EHR. Long after go-live, Valant support stands by to help ensure your success.

How can Valant help my practice continue to grow?

Whether you’re looking to grow your client roster, expand operations, or increase revenue, Valant can help. Valant supports more efficient clinical and administrative workflows so you and your providers can accomplish more in less time. Easily implement measurement-based care to track progress and update treatment plans that will take patient outcomes to the next level, helping to build your reputation and increase referrals. As your practice grows, Valant will grow with you, seamlessly handling management for multiple locations and franchises, even across time zones and Tax IDs.

How can I improve practice-wide data management with Valant?

Valant amasses data across your practice and makes it visible and configurable. Our software will log critical data points rarely offered by other EHRs, like practice services offered, conditions treated, and provider specialties. In the Report Center, you’ll find functionality to organize and filter patient lists, like patient portal status, assigned provider, missing demographics data, and more. On the billing end, our software has guardrails to help prevent billing denials and a Pending Transactions Queue to quickly check bills for errors and missing info.

How Can Valant Help Everyone at Your Practice

Practice Owner

Drill down into data across your organization for a better view of KPIs and potential “next steps” for growth.

Prescribing Clinician

Prescribe and track compliance electronically to increase medication adherence from patients who need it.

Non-Prescribing Clinician

Up the quality of treatment by automation documentation so you can give more time and undivided attention to your patients, not your keyboard.


Easily optimize coding on every bill for higher reimbursement and follow up about late payments sooner with Valant’s billing reports.

Office Manager

Grow your practice with confidence knowing Valant can keep up with the increased workload.