Prospective Patient Management

Manage prospective patient inquiries directly through your EHR.

Prospective Patient Management Features

The only automated inquiry form for mental health with patient-provider matching capabilities.

Automated Inquiry Form

Prospects can enter their own information, saving staff time.

Patient-Provider Matching

Patient-provider matching algorithms give data-driven suggestions for provider assignment.

EHR Integration

Inquiry form feeds directly into a prospect database in the EHR.

Easy First Appointments

Prospective clients can request an initial appointment time from the inquiry form.

Skip the Manual Entry Process

Cut down on phone calls and time spent creating records. Embed or link your inquiry form online, and each response automatically appears as a new record in your EHR’s prospective patient database. The form even invites users to request a time for an initial consultation. When you’re ready to change a patient record from “prospect” to “established,” you can do so in one click.

Prospective Patient Management Inquiry Form

Collect Important Data Before Intake

Don’t wait for intake to verify insurance coverage, ascertain treatment needs, and puzzle out patient/provider schedule matches. Gather that information on the inquiry form and approach your potential client with answers about whether yours is the right practice to meet their needs.

Improve Clinical Outcomes with Better Provider Matching

Prospective patient management by Valant is the first solution of its kind to offer robust data on what each patient wants in a provider. The matching algorithm factors in demographic information, insurance, treatment types, and the patient’s reported condition to offer clinician suggestions based on data—not guesses or “gut feelings.” This leads to stronger patient engagement, happier clinicians, and better retention rates.

Prospective Patient Management - PPM Provider Treatment Profile
Broadcast Messaging - EHR

Manage the Prospective Patient List Efficiently

The Prospective Patient Management program helps you track which prospects you’ve followed up with and/or scheduled, so no potential patient is accidentally left behind. If your practice has long wait times for new patients to begin the intake process, you can choose to prioritize certain types of inquiries over others.

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What They’re Saying

Valant's Prospective Patient Management Tool has dramatically reduced our clinician load by initiating the first contact with a patient and beginning the scheduling process. Clients have been able to directly and conveniently request specific staff and provide insurance information that directly populates into their chart.

Greg Snyder, Ph.D, Owner and Psychologist at Perspective Behavioral Health

I was sitting last week trying to plan out how exactly I would field my consult requests and screen for fit and you all just tackled that whole thing for me! I am a woman of faith and I swear it's like divine intervention. I am so excited to start seeing patients through the system because you guys have made this so efficient on so many levels! Again, amazing and "thank you"!

Diane R., Psych NP

My clients like that I can interact with them while documenting, and able to maintain good rapport with clients.

Therese J.Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Couldn't run my practice without it.

David B.Owner

Valant is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It was designed for behavioral health care providers specifically, so all of the functionality is geared toward those who provide mental health care.

Travis O.Clinical Director

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