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An intuitive platform that helps behavioral health practices get paid faster.

Be a Top-Notch Biller with Better Collection Percentages

With Valant’s billing module, you can reconcile transactions, auto-post ERAs, apply patient payments, customize your fee schedule, easily create superbills, and allow patients to pay online. Save time, improve financial hygiene, and streamline your payments through a fully-integrated software system.

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Eliminate errors through Valant’s exclusive PM cycle.

Running the billing system for a behavioral health practice doesn’t need to be complicated. Leverage Valant’s 360° view into pending transactions throughout the posting process. Access an in-depth billing dashboard and reports to forecast budgets and monitor productivity and outstanding payments.

Integrate your credit card processing and offer online bill pay.

Native integration with credit card processing and online bill pay simplifies secure payment collection to maintain a strong revenue stream. Reduce accounts receivable errors and offer an easy way for patients to settle co-pays and outstanding balances through Valant’s Patient Portal.

Gain flexibility through clearinghouse choice.

Valant offers two clearinghouse integration options for efficient, closed-loop billing. If you prefer a service outside of our network, our team will work with you to set up a preferred clearinghouse in your account.

EHR Features Mental Health Billers Love

See How This Biller Uses Valant to Automate Complex Billing Processes and Reduce Payment Turnaround Times

Jacob Hamm is both a practice manager at a behavioral health clinic and the owner of a full-service billing and consulting firm for psychiatric practices. He uses Valant to manage the accounts receivables and increase profitability for psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and therapists alike.

What They’re Saying

I love the ease of scheduling along with the color coding options to make the schedule visually appealing. Valant was the first EHR that our office used and it was a great starting platform to learn and adapt to.

Katherine O.Billing Specialist

Everything I need to schedule, bill, check the providers documentation, reconcile patient accounts, is all in view. A click or two and it is done.

Nelda H.Office Manager/Billing Agent

The billing tab is SO HELPFUL!

Alisha C.Operations Administrator

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