Integrated Clearinghouse Solution

Easier claims submissions, higher revenue.

Integrated Clearinghouse Features

98.5%+ Clean Claims Rate

With our industry-leading 98.5% clean claims rate, your practice gets paid faster by avoiding time-consuming rejections and resubmissions.

5K+ Payer Connections

Our clearinghouse partnerships give you access to over 5,000 commercial and government payer connections through a single integration, eliminating the need to make multiple connections.

Easy Patient Eligibility Checking

Real-time eligibility checking enables your staff to instantly verify patient coverage and benefits before providing services, preventing claim denials.

Batch Claim Submissions

Batch claim submission allows your practice to easily submit multiple claims at once directly from your EHR, saving time compared to manual one-by-one claim entry.

Clear Up Your Billing Bottlenecks
with an Integrated Clearinghouse

No more exporting claims or uploading remittance from a separate system. No more calling insurance to verify patient eligibility. By choosing a clearinghouse integrated with your EHR, your practice saves time, reduces errors, and benefits from faster reimbursements.

Your Partner for Getting Paid on Claims

Claims errors happen – and when they do, payers are more likely to delay or deny you payment for your services. Working with a clearinghouse reduces those errors. As the bridge between payers and your practice, the clearinghouse partner checks and scrubs your claims for errors, submits them to insurance, and works to get you the reimbursement you deserve.

How Clearinghouses Work for You

A good clearinghouse partner goes beyond scrubbing claim errors and verifying billing codes. Great clearinghouse partners make it simple to track submitted claims and follow up as needed to receive payment. All of this happens within a secure system, so patient data is never at risk.

A Premier Integrated Clearinghouse Partner

Valant offers seamless integration with Best in KLAS® clearinghouse partner: Waystar. This tight connection between Valant’s biller-friendly system a top-rated clearinghouse streamlines your practice’s revenue cycle.

Valant’s built-in billing guardrails flag charge errors before claims are even sent to the clearinghouse, reducing rejections. Our integration enables batch claim submissions directly from Valant to the clearinghouse partner, eliminating the need to export and upload files. Claims and ERAs flow directly between the systems, accelerating your revenue cycle.

With Valant’s integrated EHR and best-in-class clearinghouse partners, your practice gains confidence in clean claim submissions and timely remittance.

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The Right Clearinghouse Can Make All the Difference

Save Time with Efficient Billing

Checking claims for accuracy is time-consuming. Resubmitting rejected claims even more so. A clearinghouse partner takes over much of that legwork by scrubbing claims before submission. They will check for information accuracy, billing codes, and ensure the claim is submitted to the right payer in the correct format. Just submit your claims and turn to other tasks while the clearinghouse finishes the submission process in the background.

98.5+ Percent First-Pass Rate

Send claims with confidence that they won’t bounce back. Valant’s two clearinghouse integration solutions boast a 98.5+ percent first-pass rate for all submitted claims. How much time could your practice save if you didn’t have to go back and forth with insurance companies over rejections?

Quicker Reimbursement, Better Cash Flow

With most claims accepted on the first try, your payments schedule will fall into a regular cadence. This is important for cash flow and future revenue estimations. Organized record-keeping and a stellar first-pass rate make it easy to keep claims moving through the queue to improve your cash flow.

Integrated Clearinghouse Solution

How Billing With a Clearinghouse Works

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What They’re Saying

My clients like that I can interact with them while documenting, and able to maintain good rapport with clients.

Therese J.Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Couldn't run my practice without it.

David B.Owner

Valant is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It was designed for behavioral health care providers specifically, so all of the functionality is geared toward those who provide mental health care.

Travis O.Clinical Director

Integrated Clearinghouse Solution

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