MYIO Patient Portal

Give patients one easy platform for all interactions with your practice.

MYIO Patient Portal Features

The only app enabled behavioral health portal fully integrated with your EHR.

Effortless Onboarding

MYIO guides new patients through portal setup and intake paperwork, then ports their information directly to their patient chart.

Online Payments

Patients can view their balance, update credit card information, and pay bills through their MYIO account.

Integrated Telehealth

No more waiting for meeting links or needing third-party logins. Patients can join telehealth sessions right from the MYIO app or browser.

User-Friendly Design

MYIO is action-oriented so that to-dos & important items prominently appear upon login.

Easy Booking

Patients can request appointments and view upcoming sessions in MYIO instead of tying up your phone line or sending emails.

Secure Messaging

Exchange files and messages with patients, control which interactions enter the chart with secure messaging.

Automated Outcome Measures

Engaged patients enjoy better outcomes. MYIO supports your patients’ success by helping them stay focused on their treatment journey even when they’re not in your office. Schedule outcome measures to automatically send to your patient’s MYIO account ahead of their upcoming appointments. You can send additional assessments and measures on the fly to track their progress and stay ahead of their treatment needs. Completed measures are graphed to show their mental health journey over time.

Learn the One Strategy Every Practice Must Employ to Drive Patient Portal Adoption

Patient portals are an empowering tool for your behavioral health clients, as well as for your office staff and clinicians. However, despite all the benefits, driving patient portal adoption can be a challenge, but practices who are good at it all use a similar strategy.

Let MYIO Handle New Patient Intake

Free up time by automating the onboarding process. Just add a new client’s email into the system and MYIO will send them a portal invitation, walk them through account setup and intake forms, and store their information directly into your EHR records. This can save you up to 20 minutes per new patient.

Lighten Your Workload

MYIO reduces your administrative work by giving patients the power to do things themselves. Tasks that used to require staff assistance, like appointment requests, payments, and paperwork, can be handled by patients through their portal account. When they do need assistance, they have the option of secure messaging, which allows you to respond at your convenience.

Give Patients the Experience They Expect

Studies show that today’s patients want user-friendly, personalized patient portals with easy communication features. MYIO delivers. When you create effortless connection with your clients, you increase their odds of success on their mental health journey.

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What They’re Saying

The workflow in Valant boosts my productivity roughly 30% compared with paper records. The portal allows me to document effectively and efficiently- I am not completing notes after hours.

David B.Owner

Portal is a game changer for our statements. Admin save significant amount of time and prevent HIPAA violations. And we save on stamps!

Mary F.Administrative Assistant

The software facilitates efficient screening, scheduling, initial evaluation, and ongoing treatment by allowing the patient to interact directly with administrative personnel, clinicians, and assessment instruments.

David B.Owner

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