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Create Therapy Groups for All Occasions

Whether you’re hosting a one-off multi-member family therapy session or offering recurring group counseling, Valant’s versatile group therapy system enables you to enroll groups of patients and preset your billing fees for attendance and no-shows. No more spreadsheets or burdensome workarounds to offer multiple-client therapy – let your EHR simplify the work for you.

Just Starting Out With Group Therapy? These Are The Tools You Need.

Provider training, group cohesion, consistent attendance—these things each play a major role in effective group treatment. Less acknowledged, however, is what goes on behind the scenes, including the software and systems that allow group therapy to run smoothly.

Adaptable Scheduling of Group Therapy Appointments

With Valant’s flexible Scheduler, you can quickly create or reschedule individual and group therapy appointments. Using our Availability Search tool, find open recurring time slots on a provider’s calendar to establish appointments that are free and clear of future conflicts. Need to move a group therapy session from one provider to another? Easy. Changing the group appointment from in-person to virtual at the last minute? With Valant’s integrated telehealth, you can do this on the fly in the Scheduler. 

One-Page Workflow for Easy Group Therapy Documentation

Tired of copying and pasting the group note within each client note, signing, and starting it all over again with the next enrollee? Say “no more!” to individually documenting each client in a group appointment. Make your group therapy documentation efficient, organized, and robust through Valant’s one-page workflow. 

Measures, Narrative Generation, and More for Group Therapy Sessions

Enjoy the robust clinical documentation features Valant is known for with the ability to assign measures to group enrollees and more. Our group therapy documentation will support popular Valant features such as quick narrative generation, pulling forward content from past notes, adding other signers, and the ability to customize which tabs are included in templates. 

Virtual Group Therapy Needs With Integrated Telehealth

Turn any group therapy appointment into a virtual session by allowing group members to connect via Valant’s integrated telehealth. Built-in features like whiteboarding and screen sharing let you recreate the in-person experience with ease.

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What They’re Saying

Valant is easy to use, intuitive in functionality and adaptable. I could not operate a practice without it.

Kenneth Z.Clinician

Everything I need to schedule, bill, check the providers documentation, reconcile patient accounts, is all in view. A click or two and it is done.

Nelda H.Office Manager

Keeping track of the payments is a breeze. Progress notes are easy to use and treatment plan suggestions make this process easy.

Ann S.Owner

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