Patient Communications

An automated and flexible reminders and messaging solution to recapture no-shows, get paid faster, and save your staff hours each week.

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Patient Communications Features

Multiple Appointment Reminders

Additional reminders for low-effort patient engagement and reduced no-shows.

Flexible Delivery Options

Reminders sent via phone call, email, or SMS based on practice and patient preferences.

Day-of Reminders

Final reminders sent within hours of appointment time to reduce no-shows.

No-Show Follow Ups

Automated follow-up messages sent to encourage rescheduling when patients miss appointments.

Broadcast Messaging

Instant, mass updates to patients, ensuring everyone stays informed without the administrative hassle.

Automated Portal Onboarding

New patient onboarding message to kickstart intake and ease the process for patients and staff.

Patient Communications

Set Your Patient Communications on Autopilot

Getting patients to show up for appointments and update their information can rack up hours of your administrative time each week when you’re dialing patients one by one.

Our new features enable your practice to send automated messages. No more tedious hours spent checking records and picking up the phone; your staff can get that time back to focus on valuable work.

Patient Communications

See How Much You Save With Automated Messaging

Calculate your savings from switching to Valant with this easy tool. Input your practice size and number of active clients, and the calculator does the rest. You might be surprised how much you’re spending on phone calls!

Save Countless Hours on Calling Patients

Automating your communications pays off. One three-minute phone call with a patient costs you an average of $1.15. If your office calls 20 patients a day, within one month, you spend 20 hours and almost $500 communicating with patients one by one. When you automate those messages, you can save more than 93% of the administrative cost and free your staff to focus on other valuable work. 

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Recapture Your No-Shows and Get Paid Faster

Behavioral health practices struggle with an above-average rate of no-shows. This means your staff works extra hard to remind patients about their appointments and follow up when they don’t show.

No-shows can be a sensitive subject. Save yourself the stress with an automated email or text. With Valant, you can send a customizable no-show follow up reminder for easy rescheduling.

Broadcast Messaging At Your Fingertips 

Sometimes you need to send impromptu communications to groups of patients. Valant’s integrated broadcast messaging allows you to deliver updates to multiple patients through their preferred communication methods.

When you have a provider out for a day and need to cancel their appointments, you can send a broadcast message to all relevant patients, prompting them to reschedule.

Broadcast Messaging - EHR
The Value of Reducing No-Shows with Appointment Reminders 

The Value of Reducing No-Shows with Appointment Reminders 

A solo psychiatrist can recapture up to $25,000 a year in revenue through the effective use of automated appointment reminders. For larger practices, recaptured revenue can total more than $250,000.

Compared to calling patients one by one, practices save hundreds of administrative hours per year by adopting our integrated reminders. 

Patient Communications

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