Run Your Psychiatry Practice With One Solution

Partnering with Valant means you don’t have to tackle practice management alone. Our software, founded by a psychiatrist, streamlines every task on your list. From intake to prescribing to billing and everything in between, Valant makes your workload faster, easier, and more efficient. With more time freed up, you can focus on what matters most: seeing more patients.

Starting Maintaining Growing Your Practice


Getting ready to start your practice.


Learn how to grow your practice.


Maintain your established practice.


Grow your thriving practice.

HIPAA-Compliant, Integrated ePrescribing EHR Software

Prescribe securely, right from your clinical notes, within Valant’s integrated ePrescribe feature. End-to-end encryption relieves any concern about data security, and easy access to PDMPs helps you stay compliant with regulations. Our software integrates directly with DrFirst, the gold standard of ePrescribing services.

Auto-generate Narrative Documentation

Configurable macros and click-to-generate narratives give you text shortcuts to quickly complete clinical notes without sacrificing quality.

Gain Peace of Mind with a Compliant System

Valant offers end-to-end encryption for PHI and maintains guardrails to ensure complete, consistent documentation for each and every appointment.

Get Paid before Sessions Start

Secure payment for every session through integrated credit card processing and a paywall option for telehealth appointments.

Collect Patient Data before Intake

Save up to 20 minutes per new patient by capturing full demographic, insurance, and payment info automatically through the MYIO patient portal.

Automate Patient Onboarding

The MYIO patient portal collects consent form signatures and guides new clients through account setup so you don’t have to.

Auto-score 80+ Outcome Measures

Let data drive your decisions about patient progress by auto-collecting and scoring 80+ behavioral health-specific outcome measures.

Update Rx from Open Documentation

Manage prescriptions and complete refills while documenting the session, directly from your note or in the patient chart.

Broadcast Messages to Patient Groups

Communicate quickly with multiple patients at once about provider availability, provide practice updates, or promote new programs.

Total Cost of Ownership for Your Behavioral Health EHR

Choosing the right EHR is crucial for organizational leaders in behavioral healthcare, but it’s not just about the initial cost. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can be difficult to quantify due to the complex nature of technology, regulation, providers, and processes involved. Download our whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between EHRs and the behavioral healthcare model.

Common questions from others like you

Why should I choose a behavioral health-specific software?

An EHR meant to serve multiple healthcare disciplines may not offer the functionality your practice needs to best serve patients. You need an EHR that supports a wide variety of behavioral health-related billing codes, easily manages recurring appointment schedules, offers well-integrated telehealth with interactive features like whiteboarding, has note templates appropriate for behavioral health, and more. Valant was designed by behavioral health providers, for behavioral health providers.

How easy is it to prescribe in Valant?

You can prescribe right from your clinical notes. Valant integrates with ePrescribing leader DrFirst to bring you a broader range of ePrescribing functionalities than that offered by many other EHR companies. Conduct prior authorization checks through CoverMyMeds, access your prescription database for PDMP compliance, and easily check drug interaction and allergy contraindications, so you can get back to focusing on your patients.

How can Valant help me speed up documentation?

Valant gives you the tools to auto-generate narratives, carry forward information from previous notes, prescribe, set and update diagnoses, and populate patient-reported outcome measures automatically into the notes. Complete documentation at each appointment and say goodbye to weekend “catch-up” work.

How can I increase my patient load with Valant?

With Valant, you can increase your capacity to see more patients by leveraging automation. The MYIO patient portal streamlines the intake process and allows patients to handle tasks that previously took up your time, such as submitting appointment requests and paying bills online. Valant’s documentation automation features also help you complete clinical notes during the appointment, and our platform can automatically send, score, and record outcome measures for each patient. With these tasks taken care of, you can see more patients without sacrificing the quality of care or increasing your workload.

How can I speed up the clinical documentation process?

Valant’s Mobile Notes offers you built-in shortcuts that make note-taking faster. Choose from a library of note templates designed by behavioral health experts, or create your own. You have the option to pull forward information from the previous note and auto-generate a clinical narrative. Best of all, you can do this from your mobile device or tablet, making it easier to focus on patients during the appointment.

How Can Valant Help Everyone at Your Practice

Practice Owner

Manage a compliant and more profitable practice, retain your providers, and improve the patient experience.

Prescribing Clinician

Automate your outcome measures, prescribe medication with ease and accuracy, and expedite your documentation process.


Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your billing operation with streamlined workflows and purpose-built reporting.

Office Manager

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and collecting payments.