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Effective therapist scheduling software empowers you to better serve your patients. Despite being a problem that almost every service-oriented business faces, scheduling tools are hard to get right. This is why we at Valant have worked hard to perfect our scheduling “command center” to ensure seamless, hassle-free use, and integration with other elements of our electronic health record (EHR) software suite.

The Impact of Therapist Scheduling Software

Ensuring a smooth workflow for mental health providers is essential to your practice’s success. Efficient appointment management is a key part of this. Valant offers far more than just an online scheduler, saving time and resources while streamlining most aspects of practice management.

You can easily align staff and patient schedules, and take care of everything related to an appointment right in the scheduler. There are also advanced functions such as appointment requests and telehealth integration with an online, app-enabled patient portal. Valant integrates payments with scheduling, including the ability to accept credit card payments online.

Other helpful features include automated reminders, digital forms, assessment inventories, and more. This reduces the administrative burden for staff and providers and enables you to see more patients in less time.

Simplify Your Practice with Prospective Patient Scheduling Software

Prospective patient management, or PPM, is a breeze with Valant’s state-of-the-art patient intake tools. A fully customizable inquiry form takes care of prescreening, collection of demographics and insurance/billing information, and when prospects are converted to patients, it automatically populates data into patient charts and clinical notes. From there, our patient-provider matching algorithm takes the work out of finding the optimal provider.

Prospective patient management also helps keep track of the frequency of follow-up with prospects, as well as who has been scheduled, so you can keep a close on your list of potential patients. You have the option to prioritize patients with certain kinds of inquiries, so you can manage your waitlist efficiently.

At all times, your patients can access their latest appointment information in the MYIO Patient Portal, and your staff have the most current appointment calendar at their fingertips in the scheduler.

Appointment Reminders

Effective appointment reminders are also critical to avoiding no-shows. Valant helps you obtain express consent and automate reminders in patients’ preferred modality (text, robocall, email, etc.). This is important to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and patient expectations. The reminder system is updated when any scheduling changes occur.

It is also possible to deliver broadcast messages (for example, if a provider is out sick), as well as automated, targeted reminders to complete required forms in the patient portal prior to an appointment. This helps your appointments flow smoother, improves quality of care, and contributes to an excellent patient experience.

The Power of Valant EHR with Therapist Scheduling Features

Valant’s scheduling tool is a core feature of the EHR, fully integrated with all other functions in the system. You can avoid the manual data entry, confusion, and mishaps that can occur with an external scheduling tool. This also keeps all the relevant information at your fingertips, which makes it easier to comply with requirements for treatment planning, documentation, frequency of treatment, and more.

As the only comprehensive telehealth and mobile app-enabled EHR built specifically for behavioral health, Valant can help take your practice to the next level. We’ve worked with experts across the industry to develop a world-class product that delivers ease of scheduling and much more. Please contact us for a free, personalized demo of Valant and find out if it is the right fit for your behavioral health practice.