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Prospective Patient Management

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Patient Waitlist Management and How To Make the Most of It

Behavioral health clinics across the nation continue to absorb a wave of clients struggling with mental health. The long-term psychological effects of recent national and world events will likely take years to untangle. In the meantime, waitlists for mental health…
Andrew Schatzberg
January 21, 2023
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The Hidden Cost of Managing Prospective Patients: How Your EHR Can Help Coordinate New Patient Inquiries.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or the manager of a multi-provider clinic, you must develop an effective system to coordinate new patient inquiries. Prospective patient management may seem routine, but it could be costing you money if not handled correctly.…
Andrew Schatzberg
December 17, 2022
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Gen Z’s Demands for Mental Health Care – Understanding the New Generation

Mental health challenges are increasing across generations, but Gen Z is particularly vulnerable. While this generation has access to digital tools and services that allow them to connect with others and seek help, they still encounter barriers that prevent a…
Andrew Schatzberg
December 10, 2022