Telehealth Software for Mental Health Practices

HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Software, Seamlessly Integrated into Your EHR

Though initial demand for telehealth solutions was anything but voluntary, the rise of telemedicine — marks an era of opportunity for behavioral health professionals. Video conferencing in telehealth software allows for remote treatment, opening up a new network of patients. Whether telehealth continues to be the predominant form of behavioral health visits in the future or eventually takes a back seat to in-person visits once it is safe to do so, one thing remains certain: telehealth is here to stay.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is used to describe health care services provided remotely via telecommunication technologies. Due to recent advances in technology, telehealth services can be provided across nearly all medical disciplines. Especially for non-physical medical specialties such as behavioral health, telehealth is an accepted option for providers and clients alike.

Telehealth Software for Therapists & Behavioral Health Practices

Seamless Workflow Integration

Investing time in learning and implementing a brand new system or tool is a big decision. Valant’s telehealth solution seamlessly integrates with Valant, electronic health records (EHR) software, enabling practitioners and their staff to continue use of familiar technology and limit additional training and implementation.

Additionally, by using a single platform and consistent process to manage all types of visits - whether in person or virtual - your practice will simplify its workflows, which helps your providers and administrative staff to be more efficient.

HIPAA-Compliant Video Technology

Temporarily-relaxed requirements for HIPAA compliance prompted many behavioral health practices to adopt less secure video platforms, such as Zoom or Skype, as interim telehealth solutions. As a permanent solution becomes necessary, however, finding a technology that meets standard HIPAA-compliance rules is critical. Valant’s telehealth software features advanced authentication for both client and clinician to ensure all video sessions are compliant and secure.

Superior User Experience

While the concept of receiving care virtually may be new, the concept of video chatting is far from unfamiliar — and the modern user has certain expectations for what a video experience should entail. For both patient and practitioner, Valant’s telehealth solution offers an intuitive, reliable user experience that exceeds expectations.

Key Workflows


Valant’s telehealth solution is completely integrated into the EHR. All of your appointments — regardless of if they’re intended to be in-person or virtual — are scheduled and managed the same way, using just one platform. In fact, for every appointment you create, you have the flexibility to initiate the visit via telehealth without any additional steps — even at the last moment.

Manage your whole day from one screen:

  • Virtual and in-person events on one calendar
  • Customizable pre-set appointments
  • Color coding for easy visual reference
  • Accept payments and generate receipts


To ensure the scheduling process is simple for both patient and practitioner, video links for telehealth sessions are easy to access from the secure patient portal. Because the solution is browser-based, patients aren’t required to download anything before launching a video session on the device of their choosing.


Mental health providers can switch between windows seamlessly within the Valant platform, enabling them to open patient charts all while maintaining a consistent, reliable video call with the patient. Jot down notes and review patient history without missing a beat!


Valant Telehealth Pricing

What you’re willing to pay when you’re desperate for an immediate telehealth solution and what you’re willing to pay for a more permanent solution are likely two different things. We understand that, as the need for reliable, long-term telehealth software increases, so does the need for reasonable, standardized pricing — affordable for practices of all sizes.

To accommodate a variety of needs, we offer our clients the choice to pay only for the telehealth minutes they use or pay a capped monthly rate. We also give you the flexibility to change your mind as your usage behavior changes, which we believe is especially important as regional requirements and restrictions evolve.

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