Integrated eSignature

Secure, seamless electronic signature capabilities designed for behavioral health.

Integrated eSignature Features

Flexible Intake Packets

Modular forms assembled in multiple intake packets, adaptable to your practice needs.

Easy-to-use Consent Forms

User-friendly consent forms, ensuring legal compliance upon submission.

Intake Status Tracking

Real-time progress monitoring, keeping you informed on patient intake completion.

Seamless eSignature Integration

Effortless digital signatures for paperless consent through one simple, secure system.

Operate Remotely and Streamline Your Intake Process

With electronic signature capabilities integrated into your EHR, your behavioral health practice can save time, reduce errors, and maintain record hygiene by automatically attaching electronically signed documents to the patient record.

Valant’s integrated eSignature solution will reduce the burden on your administrative team and enable you to customize your intake packets in whatever way best serves your practice.

  • Secure: Confidently adhere to HIPAA-compliancy regulations
  • Flexible: Customize forms any way you want with just a few clicks
  • Integrated: Save time, eliminate potential for error, and reduce your liability
  • Convenient: Make e-signatures part of the easy intake process through the MYIO patient portal
e-signing form on cell phone

Compare Your Options for Completing Paperwork Remotely

As technology continues to evolve and patient care progressively shifts to a more virtual environment, having the right tools for your practice to adjust to these times is becoming increasingly important. Research your options for obtaining patient signatures remotely.

Ultimate Flexibility to Customize Forms & Intake Packets

Setting up your patient intake paperwork is a breeze. Simply upload existing PDFs to use as a starting point or create a new form from scratch. You decide where to put signatures, date fields, check-boxes and more. Once your forms are ready, you can group documents into custom packets for different client types, greatly simplifying the intake process for your staff.

intake form on desktop computer screen
Man working on laptop

Increased Administrative Efficiency

Because it’s integrated in your EHR software, signed documents are automatically filed in the patient’s chart, saving you time and eliminating room for human error. Easily monitor outstanding eSignature requests and trigger automated reminder emails right from the patient record.

Simple for Your Patients

Your clients can complete intake forms and eSignatures in a hassle-free process through their MYIO account. Completed paperwork is automatically sent back to your practice and added to their patient record. Signed forms are accessible by the patient anytime via the portal, so they can review forms without asking your staff to find and send them.

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What They’re Saying

I cannot say strongly enough how helpful Valant has been in integrating each of the steps involved with consumer care- from registration, insurance, clinical scheduling and documentation to billing.

Kenneth Z.Clinician

Easy access to everything our mental health practice needs to assure professional documentation and accountability.

Nelda H.Office Manager/Billing Agent

Truly can't function with Valant

Haylie B.Admin Lead


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