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As a behavioral health clinician, you face many demands on your time. The quality of care for patients remains the north star, but time spent in session is not the primary drain for many clinicians—it’s all the paperwork. And much of that comes down to your EHR workflow.

Unbillable admin tasks outside of appointment times can eat up a shocking amount of your day. Maybe you want to see more clients, but see no feasible way to add to your schedule because of logistical burdens.

To expand your client capacity, you need an EHR workflow that simplifies the care process. Valant’s flexible, all-in-one EHR was built to make the behavioral health treatment process easier. Key features of Valant’s design address the specific needs of behavioral health clinicians, staff, and owners, giving you back time in your day and potentially allowing you to see more clients.

Valant’s EHR: A Solution for Busy Clinicians

A well-designed EHR with automation features and templates can make the treatment process easier by speeding up time-consuming tasks that might otherwise detract from your ability to focus on clients.

Valant offers:

  • Editable Templates for treatment planning and progress notes, so you can quickly record oft-used formats while still tailoring them to each individual case. Auto-generating narratives, check boxes, and the ability to pull material forward from a previous note all make it easier to capture and document info quickly. This means less time spent on documentation between sessions—a task which significantly contributes to most clinicians’ nonbillable hours.
  • Automated sending, receiving, and scoring of outcome measures. Formerly time-consuming items like s allowing you to use these highly effective measures for patients without increasing your workload. You can easily attach and send measures through the patient portal, and the responses populate automatically into your clinical notes. Valant software also has the capability to visually graph outcomes over time so that you and your patients can get an overall sense of their progress. Meanwhile, prescribing clinicians will benefit from integrated e-prescribing and refill management, and easy access to prescription databases.

Easier treatment logistics powered a better EHR workflow can create the opportunity to increase your patient load.

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Streamlining the Patient Care Process with Valant’s EHR

However, it’s not just the treatment phase that must become more efficient to free up your time. You need a quicker, easier EHR workflow throughout the entire patient care process, from start to finish. The administrative burdens of client management begin the moment they reach out to you, which is why Valant is designed to help you manage the entire care cycle with ease.

It begins the day they establish care at your practice. The patient-led, automated intake process allows new clients to set up their own accounts in the MYIO patient portal, and fill out intake paperwork through MYIO to capture their demographic and financial information. Without Valant’s automation, this time-consuming step would fall to the practice to complete.

The most common tasks related to patient care can be carried out easily from the central scheduling hub, which serves as a launching platform for setting appointments, opening patient records and clinical notes, accepting credit card payments, assigning and delivering outcome measures, opening telehealth appointments, and so much more. Icons in the scheduler help staff and clinicians quickly assess the status of a session’s documentation, copay, and other things, for at-a-glance organization.

Meanwhile, the MYIO patient portal makes communicating with patients easy. It includes an encrypted, secure messaging feature that supports attachments, and gives your clients the ability to store credit cards on file and make payments. When clients are empowered to manage their own information, you no longer have to mediate the process, which can free up time.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity with the Right EHR Workflow

Valant has simplified the more complex aspects of practice management.

Billing insurance, for example, is often seen by practitioners as prohibitively complex and time-consuming, so Valant created a billing feature that gets claims to payers faster and with less hassle. Valant EHR:

  • Auto-generates bills after every appointment and offers a dashboard view to track claims with incomplete information or unfinished documentation.
  • Empowers a 99% average clean claim rate. Problems are flagged ahead of time, and mistakes are caught before claims are submitted, which least to a higher first-pass acceptance rate.
  • Helps you monitor submitted, rejected, and denied claims, so you don’t lose track of which claims to follow-up on and which are late.

Reporting is another complex part of practice management that Valant makes easier.

  • Reports within Valant are customizable and easily generated from a user-friendly dashboard. You can choose to monitor reports by provider, location, or franchise-wide for multi-location practices. You can also drill down into patient results, looking at the overall progress of your patient population or zeroing in on a specific diagnosis, or patients of a specific provider. Provider productivity is also easily accessed from the reports dashboard. Insights that might take hours to generate without a capable EHR take no time at all in Valant, making it easier to gauge the overall health of your practice, as well as next steps for growth.

Because all of Valant’s features are integrated with patient records, you don’t have to feed information into multiple systems or worry about human error in the transfer process. The result is a software that does whatever you need it to, whenever you need it to, with as little friction as possible.

Release Administrative Burdens

The administrative side of treating patients doesn’t have to be a burden. Although managing patients, treating patients, and billing for services can seem challenging, the right EHR can create room for you to grow your client list without significantly adding to your administrative stress and compromising the quality of care you give to each individual.

Valant automates much of the busywork, from intake paperwork to creating bills and much more, and offers user-friendly, intuitive, integrated workflows.

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