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The 90837 CPT Code represents individual psychotherapy sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes. During these sessions, therapists engage with clients using various modalities to address mental health concerns, emotional well-being, and behavioral patterns.

It’s crucial to document the content of each session, including the therapeutic techniques used and the client’s progress.

Usage Guidelines

  • Time-Based Billing: CPT 90837 is a time-based code. It’s essential to accurately track the duration of the session. If the session lasts less than 60 minutes, consider using a different code (e.g., 90832 for 30-minute sessions).
  • Frequency: Therapists can bill for multiple 60-minute sessions on the same day if medically necessary. However, ensure proper documentation and justification for the frequency.
  • Modifiers: Use appropriate modifiers (e.g., -25, or -95) when billing alongside other services or procedures. For example you’ll want add -95 as a modified to indicate a telehealth session.

Comparison with Other Psychotherapy CPT Codes

  • 90832 (30 Minutes): A shorter session, suitable for brief interventions or follow-ups.
  • 90834 (45 Minutes): Allows for more in-depth exploration and therapeutic work than 90832.
  • 90846 (Family Psychotherapy without Patient Present): Used for family therapy sessions without the patient present.


ICD-10 Codes for Depression – F32.0–F33.3

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Who Should Learn About CPT Code 90837?

Mental Health Professionals: In order to understand the nuances of CPT 90837 for accurate billing and documentation.
Billing Administrators: In order to ensure proper coding and reimbursement processes.

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