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The 90834 CPT code refers to psychotherapy sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes. It is commonly used by mental health professionals to bill for individual therapy sessions. During these sessions, clinicians worth with their patients to address emotional, behavioral, or psychological issues. The focus is on promoting mental well-being, improving coping skills, and fostering positive change.

Usage Guidelines

Here are some key points regarding the usage of the 90834 CPT code:

  1. Duration: As mentioned, this code specifically covers 45-minute sessions. If the session duration varies (e.g., 50 minutes), a different code should be used.
  2. Individual Therapy: The 90834 code is primarily for individual therapy. It does not apply to group therapy or family sessions.
  3. Face-to-Face Time: The therapist must spend at least 38 minutes face-to-face with the client during the session. This includes assessment, treatment planning, and therapeutic interventions.
  4. Documentation: Accurate documentation is crucial. Therapists should record the session content, goals, progress, and any relevant clinical information.

Comparison with Other Psychotherapy CPT Codes

Let’s briefly compare the 90834 code with other related CPT codes:

90832 (30 minutes): This code represents 30-minute psychotherapy sessions. It is used for shorter sessions or when the therapist spends less time with the client.

90837 (60 minutes): For longer sessions (up to 60 minutes), therapists use the 90837 code. It allows more in-depth exploration and intervention.

90847 (Family Therapy): If the session involves family members, the 90847 code applies. Family therapy sessions focus on family dynamics and relationships.


ICD-10 Codes for Depression – F32.0–F33.3

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CPT Code Description Session Duration Usage
90832 30-minute psychotherapy sessions 30 minutes Shorter individual sessions
90834 45-minute psychotherapy sessions 45 minutes Standard individual sessions
90837 60-minute psychotherapy sessions 60 minutes Longer individual sessions
90847 Family therapy sessions Varies Sessions involving family members

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Who Should Learn About 90834 CPT Code?

Mental health providers who understand the details of CPT 90834 will have an easier time ensuring accurate documentation.
In addition, billing administrators will find it useful for accurate coding, reimbursement, and general revenue cycle management.

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Remember, good billing processes – supported by accurate coding – help practices maintain steady reimbursement from payers and contribute to high-quality patient care. For more detailed information, check out these select resources from our blog:

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