Patient Portal

Secure, user-friendly technology that improves your efficiencies and empowers your clients.

Engage your clients while reducing administrative costs and call volumes.

Valant’s integrated patient portal is a powerful tool that creates the best experience for your clients while saving your practice a considerable amount of administrative time.

Patients need to feel valued and treated like a partner in order to have a stake in their improved outcomes. Valant’s integrated patient portal increases engagement and client satisfaction which, in turn, may improve self-care and help your patients stick to their treatment plan.

Using Valant’s patient portal, your clients can take advantage of many self-service tasks including:

  • Confirm appointments
  • Request new appointments
  • Make payments online
  • Update demographic information
  • Securely message the provider
  • Participate in telehealth visits
  • Electronically sign intake paperwork and other forms
  • Complete outcome measures prior to their visit
  • Obtain a copy of signed forms
  • Obtain a copy of billing statements
  • And more

Fewer administrative calls

A day in a clinician’s office can be hectic. With the onslaught of administrative tasks, billing and customer service calls, it leaves little time in the day. Valant’s patient portal automates many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that patients and providers find tedious.

Once a patient’s portal is up and running, the Valant patient portal is meant to reduce clinic call volume by up to 50 percent, freeing up valuable time for your administrative staff.

Streamlined intake process

Valant’s patient portal enables you to automate parts of the intake process to drastically reduce the time required for clinical documentation.

Via the portal, patients can access and complete outcome measures and intake questionnaires. That data is automatically summarized and added to the patient note, eliminating the mundane work of manually restating the clients’ responses into a summary. It also expedites your ability to get clinically anchored prior to the visit, allowing you to maximize the time with your client during the appointment.

Easy portal account administration

Creating a patient portal account is simple and easy. During the initial intake call, simply create a chart with the patient’s name and a bit of contact information. Once the initial record is created, it takes one to two minutes to walk the patient through the features, log them in with a validation code, and set their expectations. From there, your patient is set and can access the robust self-serve functionality.

Improved patient engagement

Patient engagement is an essential piece of the healthcare puzzle. Studies show that patient engagement goes up if a patient portal is easy to use, the provider educates them on how to use it, if it is personalized, and it gives the patient and provider the ability to share timely and pertinent information. With Valant’s integrated portal, you can effortlessly create all of these connections for your clients, empowering them to actively participate in achieving their own mental health outcomes.

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