Integrated Credit Card Processing

A seamless credit card processing solution that saves your practice time, reduces potential for error, and gives you peace of mind.

Simplify your ability to take credit card payments

When you’re seeing hundreds of clients, the time it takes to manually process credit card payments can add up and leaves plenty of opportunity for human error, which can be costly to your practice.

Using Valant's integrated credit card processing will eliminate the hassle and administrative time it takes for your practice to process credit card payments, significantly reduce the potential for payment errors, and provide the online payment experience your clients expect from you.

Less administration time and fewer payment errors

Cut payment processing time from nearly 4 minutes per transaction with a standalone credit card processing solution to just 30 seconds per payment with our integrated solution.

Data lives in a single system, reducing the places where data errors can occur. Data is entered just once, reducing the potential for typos and mistakes when running payment or recording it.

Improved data security

Data is immediately encrypted at the time of entry and sits on a secure server, making it less susceptible to fraud or data breach.

Unparalleled patient experience

Patients can conveniently make payments and check account balances online, see when a payment has been applied, and save their encrypted credit card info to their account for future payments.

Transparent, worry-free service

When you use Valant’s integrated credit card processing, there are no hidden fees, no set up fees, and no cancellation fees. You’ll know exactly what you are paying for with our transparent pricing that includes extras such as 24/7 merchant support services, PCI compliance support, online reporting and statements, and financial coverage if a data breach occurs.

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