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Software Built Exclusively for Behavioral Health Therapists

You are a behavioral health professional, and you’ve committed yourself to improving the lives of others. We’ve designed our Therapist Practice Management Software and EHR with the documentation tools and assessments you need — and nothing you don’t. With a team dedicated to your success and unlimited customer support, we’ve got your practices back.

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Comprehensive Yet Simple

Intuitive, easy to use, and cleanly designed, our integrated technology was built so you can feel at home the moment you lay eyes on the screen, whether you’ve been practicing for a few days or decades.

Streamlined Workflow

Take your data and make it work for you! By easily gathering information from your clients and making it available to you, Valant saves hours of effort with clinical notes built upon structured data, freeing up your time to help more people and grow your billable hours.

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How Much Does Valant Cost?

We offer a variety of flexible packages for both prescribers and non-prescribers. By providing us with a little bit of information about your practice, we can suggest a package that includes the functionality best suited to helping you achieve your practice goals.

Key Workflows

Manage your whole day from one screen.

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Manage all aspects of your practice from your customizable calendar. Start your clinical note, accept a payment, and open your client's chart from one central location. The power is in the details and Valant helps you remember all of them by auto-filling previously entered information specific to individual clients.

  • Accept payments and generate receipts
  • Easy navigation to information
  • Customizable pre-set appointments
  • Color coding for easy visual reference

Know the golden metrics of your business.

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Managing the business of your practice while balancing a client load is no cake walk. You don’t have time to enter information in multiple systems. Our integrated billing eliminates data duplication, saving you time and increasing accuracy. Built in reports help you visualize and analyze that data, to better evaluate the health of your business.

  • Have the executive oversight to make data-driven business decisions
  • Visualize your accounts receivable right from your dashboard
  • Easy to use and actionable, real-time reports
  • Stay on top of common problem areas like payment aging and revenue gaps

Stay one step ahead of the Golden Thread.

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We deliver the clinical tools you need to care for your clients from intake to the end of treatment. Our treatment plan is built for collaboration, whether it is between you and your client, or multiple clinicians.

  • Intuitive workflow with universally familiar elements
  • Built to include your client’s voice, goals, and outcomes
  • Track updates, review dates, and capture patient and staff signatures
  • Evidence-based and DSM-5-ready

Prove the value of your services.

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Take advantage of a library of assessments included with your Valant subscription, including the DSM-5 recommended PHQ-9. Clients may complete assigned tasks from the comfort of their own home via a secure Patient Portal. These measures will then be seamlessly incorporated to a progress note for review and tracked over time in the client’s chart.

  • 50+ assessments, rating scales, symptom screeners, and client questionnaires
  • Automatically scored and summarized in a clear and succinct narrative
  • Track outcomes over time within the client chart
  • Available to clients within a secure portal to be filled out prior to appointments

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What They’re Saying

The software is extremely easy to use and didn't take me long to learn at all.

Brittainy W.Owner

If you are looking for a very specific mental health EMR this is the one you should look at. The entire EMR is dedicated to mental health.


The software does everything that my small practice needs.

Angela H.Owner

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