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Value-based care (VBC) is rapidly gaining popularity in behavioral health. Payors are often ready and willing to have VBC discussions and more behavioral health groups are beginning to get on board. However, not all providers know about this emerging model of care or how to use it to their advantage.

Value-based care is a system of healthcare reimbursement that rewards the value of care rather than the amount of care given. In other words, you are paid based on the outcome of the treatments you deliver. As part of this model, practices collect outcome measure data, then work with payors to establish value-based care contracts. In this whitepaper, we break down the entire process from understanding the basic concept, benefits, and objections, to successful VBC implementation and negotiation with insurance companies.

Read this whitepaper and you will learn:

  • What is value-based care?
  • Why does the industry care about VBC?
  • What do practices gain from implementing VBC?
  • 10 Easy Steps to Get Started with VBC

If you are interested in better patient outcomes, higher reimbursements, and better contracts with payors, this whitepaper is perfect for you.

For more on this topic, check out our on-demand webinar: How to Successfully Negotiate with Payers for Increased Reimbursement Rates.

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