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If your agency must suddenly respond to a regulatory change or satisfy requirements for an incentive program, how quickly can you do it? How much will it cost you? The organizational challenges of change management can be viewed through a spectrum of difficulty, ranging from simple issues that can be resolved by calling customer support, to complex problems that require the software to be recoded by a team of engineers.

In “The Continuum of Change Management” we explore the ins and outs of change management, and examine the correlations between the varying complexity of organizational challenges and the different types of EHR solutions available. Time and time again the inherent inflexibility of traditional software has resulted in organizations addressing their challenges from the difficult end of the continuum, resulting in increased costs in both time and resources. This is further compounded by the nature of the behavioral health industry, which is subject to ongoing regulatory revision.

In order to keep abreast with regulatory requirements and capitalize on incentive programs without encountering crippling costs, organizations must be able to address change management from the easier extreme of the continuum. To find out more about some of the possibilities, download our full white paper here: