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Technology has changed all of our lives, making the things we use and care about easier, faster and more accessible. We’ve witnessed record stores transform into iTunes, book stores evolve into Amazon and even stationary desktop computers merge with phones to become mobile devices.

Technology has transformed everything around us, but when we look at the EHR technologies available to the Health and Human Services Behavioral Health market, we see that they are essentially the same as when they were first built in the 1980’s. These EHR technologies are no longer effectively serving today’s modern behavioral health service provider’s needs. Even those technology systems that have re-platformed are essentially building new layers onto the same old and outdated base. That’s like trying to construct a new building on a crumbling foundation– it just doesn’t work.

As a result, HHS service provider agencies are enduring multiple hardships that negatively impact patient care and their agencies as a whole; inefficiency, inadequate reporting and compliance capability, poor user satisfaction, endless implementation, runaway costs and overall loss of organizational productivity.

During our poll taken at the recent National Council For Behavioral Health conference, only 15% reported being very satisfied with their EHR. And with market pressures such as an increased demand for HHS services and the transition to value based care, it’s becoming clear that outdated technologies are not just an obstacle, but now the solution has become the problem.

Take heed, better days are coming! At Valant we believe that our market is ripe for technology disruption like no other time in our history. Not custom software built on an old technology base, but reinvented from the ground up on a modern day platform designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow’s HHS challenges. Imagine having the same easy and engaging user experience in your behavioral health platform as you do now on your smartphone. Envision being able to access all of your data, real-time.

Will extensive data capabilities help you to apply for more funding opportunities? How much more effective will clinicians be when they have streamlined workflows that save them time and effort? Wouldn’t it be great to implement this technology quickly, and cost effectively without endless delays and cost overruns? What if the experience was so user-friendly and intuitive, that little training or learning curve is needed? This dream can now be a reality. Interested to learn more?