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Technology has allowed mental health providers to move many tasks online. Just as scheduling, clinical notes, and entire therapy sessions can happen digitally, so too can the prescription process.

E-prescribing refers to the process of submitting prescription orders to pharmacies digitally, rather than through paper scrips, phone calls, or fax. Many popular software solutions exist to support e-prescription needs. More providers are switching to online scrips because of the potential to save time and improve their workflow.

Here’s how e-prescribing is changing the game for behavioral health providers.

What is E-Prescribing?

E-prescribing is the process of filling out a prescription order and sending it to the pharmacy digitally. E-prescribing software may integrate right into your EHR, or you may have to log into a separate platform, depending on which software solution you use.

When you fill out and send a prescription order electronically, you eliminate the need to hand out paper scrips or to contact the pharmacy later via phone or fax.

EHR tech advancement and the growth of e-prescribing

Digital tools like EHRs have made work easier and more efficient for healthcare providers. This focus on efficiency has led to more demand for “all-in-one” solutions that manage all daily tasks in one place.

The prescription process is no exception. As EHRs increase integration capabilities with other platforms, more practices have begun to realize the value of prescribing directly from their EHR.

Today, companies like Valant are equipping EHRs with the capability to initiate prescriptions right from the provider’s notes.

How E-Prescribing Works

E-prescribing software allows you to create a digital prescription that includes all of the information you would usually put on a paper scrip: dosing information, special instructions, name brand vs. generic drug options, etc. The digital order is tied to the patient’s record in your EHR to ensure that every medication goes to the right client. The provider submits the electronic scrip directly to the pharmacy. Most e-prescribing software solutions are compatible with many major pharmacy chains and locations around the country. Usually, a prescribing software platform will conduct insurance verification before sending the scrip on to the pharmacy.

Because e-prescriptions provide a digital record, there’s no need to keep paper records of your patients’ medications. Scrip record privacy is protected just as strongly as your digital patient records.

E-Prescribing Benefits

Using electronic rather than paper records for prescriptions creates a better experience for you and your clients.

  1. Increased efficiency. You create the prescription during the treatment session; no need to make time for it after the client leaves. Your client doesn’t have to deliver the prescription order to the pharmacy or wait around while it’s filled. They simply pick up the medication when it’s filled.
  2. Accurate record-keeping. Electronic paper trails prevent records from being forgotten, left incomplete, lost, stolen, or compromised.
  3. Increased patient safety. Because every prescription order is tied to a patient record already in your system, you can easily check for drug allergies or contraindications with other medicines they take. Having a complete record of all prescription activity on their account also makes it easier for you to spot the signs of substance misuse.
  4. Fewer calls from the pharmacy. Paper scrips can be notoriously hard to read. An electronic document is clear, which means you’ll get fewer calls from confused pharmacists.
  5. Makes PDMP compliance easier. A good e-prescribing software can take the headache out of visiting and querying the PDMP database.
  6. Monitor medication adherence. Use records of e-prescriptions to see which patients are picking up their medications, and which aren’t filling them.
  7. Convenient perks. Depending on your software capabilities, you may be able to set favorite medications and pharmacies for a given patient, create notifications when prescriptions are ready for pickup, and much more.

Get the Benefits of E-Prescribing in your EHR

The automation of tasks in practice management will only continue to increase, and e-prescribing will remain an important part of that. If you’re curious about how e-prescribing could improve your patient experience and your workflow, contact Valant today to learn more about our e-prescribing solutions.

Valant software integrates with DrFirst, the gold standard of e-prescribing services. We’ve spent years developing our integration functionality so we can offer Valant users a greater range of DrFirst features, and a more seamless experience, than many other EHRS on the market.

Contact Valant today to get started.