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Behavioral healthcare organizations are having to manage tight budgets even as the nationwide demand for care steadily increases. Many are attempting to supplement behavioral health funding with charitable grants and contributions from private donors, and the ability to provide predictable success metrics often determines whether or not funds are secured.

Software Advice recently published a blog describing three essential technology tools for improving mental health funding. A strong analytics engine is one such tool, and the Valant Platform is mentioned as the primary example. Gaby Loria of Software Advice writes, “[…] tracking health outcomes is important, because one of the best ways to secure funding opportunities is to ‘be able to offer qualified data as to the improvement of people’s lives.’ […] Valant’s analytics capabilities allow facility administrators to create dashboards and reports based on outcomes data.”

To find out more about how the Valant Platform can increase behavioral health funding for your organization, click on the button below.

See Software Advice’s full article on improving behavioral health funding.

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