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Just as behavioral health providers focus on specific matters for their patients in ways that aren’t typically expected of a general practitioner, a specialty-driven EHR is better equipped to accommodate the specialization for which it is designed. Behavioral health practices have unique workflows and reporting needs, and find more value in a software solution that doesn’t have to be bent and twisted to align with their niche requirements.

Black Book™, an independent research company specializing in polling, surveying, and opinion mining of customer experience in the healthcare industry, recently completed a specialty-driven EHR user survey identifying the best solution based on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Valant was chosen for the best specialty-driven EHR in the behavioral health category.

Read the full Black Book™ assessment here.

Black Book™ Market Research is the parent group for Black Book™ Rankings, a full-service healthcare –centric market research and public opinion research company. Founded in 2002, the company today serves a wide variety of prominent national and international clients. Black Book™ Rankings offers complete quantitative and qualitative research services, excelling in the design of customized surveys and research approaches to meet specific client needs in healthcare, pharmaceutics, biomedical devices, managed care, health insurance, and technology.