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I hope that you are all well and safe. I cannot adequately express my horror and sadness over the brutal treatment and death of George Floyd. As individuals, we will all have our own reactions. I can share that mine are helplessness and outrage. These were already difficult times for all of us. These recent events have made it even more important for us to support each other and reaffirm our commitment to tolerance of each other and intolerance of racism.

One of our core tenants at Valant is respect. We exemplify it in how we communicate in our day-to-day business interactions with each other and with our customers. We see it in how we make decisions as an organization. Most importantly, we have made an absolute and radical commitment to recognize each other’s dignity as human beings and, consequently, to be intolerant of racism.

We stand with our employees and our community and are humbly committed to listening, learning, and continually finding a way to do better.


David Lischner, MD

Co-Founder and CEO of Valant