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Effective billing routines are a critical part of your behavioral health practice. Seemingly small details all add up to make a big difference toward being forthright and professional with your patients, fully documenting the services you deliver, being reimbursed by insurance companies, and being paid by your self-pay clients and those with co-pay or co-insurance responsibilities. Time and time again, when providers receive poor reviews from patients, the complaints are often about insurance, billing and unexpected bills, or poor communication. An electronic health record (EHR) system designed for behavioral health practices can help differentiate your practice from others. Valant’s EHR contains seamlessly integrated mental health medical billing software with workflows tailor made for behavioral health businesses. This software can make a big difference for your practice and even pay for itself over time.

Benefits of an EHR with Integrated Billing Features

The ideal EHR is one designed from the ground up for behavioral healthcare and has medical billing features integrated throughout, not added on as an afterthought. Here are several distinguishing features of Valant’s software:

Patient-Friendly Tools

Valant’s integrated medical billing software makes billing tasks easy, including features to capture patient demographics accurately and catch potential errors in insurance claims so your office can correct them before they are submitted. As clerical errors often result in hassles, unexpected bills, and legwork, this eliminates a major source of frustration for patients and improves the reputation of your practice. Furthermore, Valant includes tools to help check insurance eligibility, to invoice and remind patients, and even features an integrated, app-enabled patient portal where patients can pay their co-pays, co-insurance, and self-pays via a debit or credit card from anywhere. This means that with Valant EHR and its integrated medical billing software, you can give patients the information they need up front, collect more reliably from payers, and avoid bad billing experiences.

Provider-Friendly Tools

In addition to many other valuable features, Valant EHR makes it easy to collect and protect patients’ financial and insurance records, to create patient billing agreements and collect co-pays when services are rendered, and to perform coding and claims. Valant EHR and mental health medical billing software solution is designed specifically for behavioral health practices, making it easy to correctly code all the mental health services you provide in each patient encounter and to check on claims throughout the billing process. Tedious tasks such as manual creation of bills are eliminated—instead, Valant generates bill components automatically and you approve or edit the bill as needed. Valant EHR integrates with major clearinghouses to simplify eligibility checking and claim submission. The EHR also allows:

  • Automatic posting of returned claims with one click
  • Generate statements and send them to the patient portal
  • Generate superbills for out-of-network patients to submit their own insurance claims
  • Clear reporting on claims by unbilled, in process, and overdue, with color coding

Robust Billing Dashboard with Workflows

One of Valant’s distinguishing features is its claims tracking dashboard, which helps your practice submit, manage, and follow up on claims at all steps of the process. Using this feature you can monitor the status of claims and create workflows to address denials and errors at regular intervals. This is a key reason why so many behavioral health providers have chosen Valant, as it can take the stress and overwhelming feeling out of mental health medical billing.

To learn more, please check out Valant’s billing features page. The right software can help your behavioral health practice succeed at billing. Contact us today for a free, live demonstration, or, watch a prerecorded video here. We would love to show you how our software can make mental health medical billing easier!