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As we launch into 2015, many behavioral health practices have already made that leap from old-school pen and paper to an electronic health record. But they just…aren’t satisfied. That promised nirvana of a smoother workflow hasn’t been realized and they fear they are stuck with a costly, cumbersome program that doesn’t at all respond to their practice’s needs.

Sound familiar?

As a leading EHR and practice management suite designed for and dedicated to the behavioral healthcare industry, Valant has seen it all before and we want you to know: a bad EMR is not your fault!

Each and everyday we help clients who have already implemented software upgrade to our more specialized, robust technology. We understand the the anxiety our new clients have felt about having to take these implementation steps again, and we appreciate the trust they put in us–given they have been burnt by promises before.

So let’s get started! Whether you’re trying to keep clinical notes in an EHR untailored for your specialty, or your billing requires double data entry into a separate system, Valant understands and we will successfully coach you throughout the entirety of this transition.

Here’s how:

1. Patient Demographics and Insurance information

If your current software vendor can export this data in a simple spreadsheet format, Valant’s technical implementation specialists can help ease the burden by importing this demographic data into Valant, greatly reducing the need for initial data entry.

2. Patient Clinical Notes

While many of our clients come straight from paper charts which can be physically archived, clinical documentation from an EHR also needs a home. Our Practice Success Team can help you determine which records you should load into Valant’s Patient Charts, and those which you may choose to store separately as historical reference.

3. Historical Billing Data

This is less of a migration, but a transition process: you will taper off of your existing billing software while you ramp up in Valant, with a brief period of overlap to close out your aging balances while beginning to create new charges in Valant’s Easy Billing suite.

Have specific questions? Ponder no longer! Our representatives are available for you, simply fill out the form below.