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Imagine a group of people who are just as passionate about your practice’s success as you are. An entire team dedicated to making sure your transition to EHR is as smooth as possible. A team made up of former billers, clinicians, and seasoned EHR trainers.

Meet Valant’s Practice Success Team

PST will be there for you every step of the way to guide you through your adoption and implementation. They’ve helped thousands of practices move from paper charts to electronic records and have learned a few useful tips to ensure a successful transition:

Patient Demographics and Insurance information

Rather than just key in all the pertinent data yourself, let your patient’s help with the work! Utilize Valant’s Patient Portal so they can enter and update their own demographic and insurance information.

Patient Clinical Notes

Upload your frequently referenced documents to secure cloud storage in Valant: Scan your most important clinical notes into Valant patient’s chart, including intake, treatment plan, and the most recent progress notes. You can choose to upload and store as much as you want, or securely archive the rest of your paper records for the duration of your state’s requirements.

Historical Billing Data

Continue your familiar billing methods until you are comfortable with Valant’s easy billing. We understand the complexity of billing; that’s why we offer extensive training including an online course and one-on-one training. Wait until the right time in your training to begin closing out old balances while utilizing Valant’s billing tools.