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No matter the size of your patient load, software should not get in your way. Our streamlined clinical tools and integrated practice management features help keep you organized without slowing you down.

Save time with Valant

Integration = Efficiency

Integration = Efficiency

When you’re treating multiple patients per hour, time is of the essence. Our clinical notes are pre-populated with information from the patient, chart, portal, and calendar, so you won’t spend time duplicating information but rather get your notes done faster.



Our documentation tools are built to fulfill the standards of the highest paying E/M codes. With a documentation tracker built right into the dashboard, you can keep track of the clinical notes you still need to complete, right when you sign in.

Built for


We are designed specifically for behavioral health, and only behavioral health. With documentation, e-prescribing, and billing features tailored to psychiatry, our EHR allows you to spend more time doing what is most important: caring for your patients.

New Product Features

Valant Telehealth

Valant Telehealth
Connect with your patients remotely and securely via Valant’s HIPAA-compliant, fully integrated telehealth platform.

Valant Telehealth

Valant eSignature
Enable your patients to sign consent forms remotely and reduce the administrative burden on your staff with Valant’s new secure, flexible, and fully integrated eSignature functionality.

Valant Report Center

Valant Report Center
Valant’s improved reporting platform can help you get the data you need to effectively manage your behavioral health practice.

How Much Does Valant Cost?

We offer a variety of flexible packages for both prescribers and non-prescribers. By providing us with a little bit of information about your practice, we can suggest a package that includes the functionality best suited to helping you achieve your practice goals.

Key Workflows:

Automate Your Intake Assessments

Get a jump on a high-quality clinical note before your patient ever steps into your office! By engaging patients securely with technology, Valant enables you to begin gathering valuable clinical information, such as an extensive history of present illness, from the moment you schedule the first appointment.

Key Benefits:

  • Better data at your fingertips and in your notes
  • Cut the paper out of your process
  • Improve clinical time with the patient in session
  • Set up every patient for successful outcomes

Technology to Improve Outcomes

Measuring the outcomes of your patient care is not only recommended by the DSM-5 but also a core component of Valant. Structured screeners and questionnaires help better focus your face-to-face time with your patient, and more easily meet the E/M requirements for your notes.

Measure and enhance your patient care:

  • Collect data naturally and track automatically
  • Measure patient baseline to improve their outcomes
  • Accountability without extra data entry
  • Defend and improve your reimbursement rates

Save Time on Psychiatric Notes

Valant provides multiple options to extensively document your psychiatric cases while reducing the inherent hassle and burden at the same time. By automatically generating narrative and leveraging your data into each note, you’ll get the job done more quickly and thoroughly than ever before.

An integrated note makes all the difference:

  • Incorporate rich patient data
  • Save time & reduce typing
  • Higher level E/M coding when appropriate
  • Higher quality documentation


Manage Medications Anytime, Anywhere

Valant has integrated your prescribing responsibilities directly into our natural clinical workflow. Check, refill, and renew meds the moment you sign in right from your dashboard, the note in session, the chart afterwards, or your smartphone on the go. Connect to your records and pharmacies whenever, wherever.

eRx optimized for the busy psychiatric provider:

  • Send scripts with less data entry
  • Decrease prescribing errors
  • Built-in alerts and reports
  • Electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS)

NEW! Prescription monitoring program integration. Click to see State Availability.


Integrate the Management of Your Practice

Whether you are backed by a full complement of staff or are a one-person show, practice management has never been simpler. Valant is tailored to keep your administration organized, starting with your scheduling, flowing through your clinical work, and into all aspects of billing and business reports.

See what true integration can do for you:

  • Straightforward coding and charge creation trims extra steps to get you paid faster
  • Easy to see and track progress for what needs to be done
  • Actionable reports on clinical, clerical, and financial functions
  • Reduce risks and liabilities to give you peace of mind


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