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Mental health care practitioners face all sorts of challenges when managing their own practice — especially when it comes to filing all the necessary paperwork. Health records are held to high standards and demand an in-depth understanding of E/M requirements to support your practice’s reimbursement rates, and patient billing can be just as complex. That’s why providers and their staff are always on the lookout for tools to manage patient profiles and streamline their practice’s administrative processes.

Valant was created as a resource for practitioners looking to provide thorough and accurate reporting for each of their patients. This billing software for mental health practices offers cloud-based service that keeps patient data secure and also accommodates a variety of payment options.

Providers seeking a better way to coordinate billing efforts should consider the following features available in Valant’s EHR software:

Insurance Payments

Insurance provider and level of coverage varies patient to patient. Some patients may have primary and secondary coverage, and others may not have any insurance at all. Valant offers estimated insurance coverage figures based on your fee scale, making it easy to keep track of expected returns from your patient’s insurance provider. Mental health practitioners using Valant can also check the status of any insurance claims and the outstanding balance for each patient after insurance to ensure your billing is accurate.

Batch Insurance Eligibility

Especially in communities with large employers, it’s fairly common for multiple patients to share the same insurance provider. Valant allows for bulk insurance eligibility, enabling practitioners and their staff to process and bill to insurance for multiple patients at once.


Although it’s generally standard for all fees to be provided after services are rendered, some patients may inquire about the ability to pay some or all of what they owe in advance. Valant makes it easy to accept secure pre-payments, ensuring future statements are credited and accommodating your patients’ unique financial circumstances.


Valant offers a comprehensive suite of billing features that ensure payment details are readily available whenever you need them. From current and previous balances for patients, to the status of any pending insurance claims, Valant enables mental health practitioners to confidently locate any previously logged record without the hassle of sorting through physical files. We’ve designed our software with the big picture in mind: view number of patients over time, number of overdue or paid-in-full accounts over time, and other specific data sets to assess your practice’s growth and support business and staffing decisions. Read more about it here.

Why Work With Valant?

Unlike other more general EHR softwares, Valant was built for the mental health sector and can be scaled for different types and sizes of mental health providers — from specialty clinics that only work with a select number of patients, to larger practices with diverse patient needs and focuses. We know that nothing about mental health warrants a one-size-fits-all solution, so we’ve developed a system that ensures results for each unique case.

From a business standpoint, Valant’s billing software for mental health providers has been designed to improve efficiencies, increase accuracy, and reduce the possibility of errors. It not only simplifies searching for patient information within your practice, but also makes it easy to securely share documents and reports with other practitioners your patients have seen before. Because Valant focuses on efficiency, providers and their staff are able to spend more time with patients, growing business and providing excellent care, rather than having to spend too much time focusing on billing and administrative tasks.

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