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The effectiveness of current and future clinical quality measures will be determined largely by the ongoing support of specialty registries, such as the APA-sponsored PsychPRO. APA was excited to promote its psychiatry-focused patient data registry during this year’s annual meeting, and many organizations, providers, and vendors were enthusiastic to get on board—including Valant.

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The client account manager handling vendor integration with PsychPRO, Travis Hantke of FIGmd, was impressed by Valant’s dedication to creating a simplified experience for providers wishing to participate in the registry. “From the very beginning, Valant has been very proactive with its engagement with the PsychPRO,” Hantke wrote. “They have developed an easy integration solution that requires little effort from the practices to participate in the registry once they have completed their contracting process with the APA. Valant continues to meet with the PsychPRO team to continue to improve physicians’ experience with the registry. I look forward to our continued work with Valant to help their customers benefit from the PsychPRO registry.”

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