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Value-based care is more than just a buzzword making the rounds; it is the future of behavioral health. At its core, VBC, AKA, pay for performance in behavioral health, is a simple concept: if you can prove to insurance companies you are making patients healthier and lowering payers’ costs, they will reimburse you more. But negotiating with insurance companies requires knowledge, skills, and experience that many providers and business owners were never taught.

Experts Vincent J. Bellwoar, Ph.D., Senior Advisor East Region at Refresh Mental Health, and Micah Adler, MBA, Director of Business Development at Valant and COO of Peachtree Comprehensive Health, discuss the ins and outs of successful negotiation with payers. Together, Micah and Dr. Bellwoar bring more than 50 years’ experience living and breathing both the clinical and administrative side of value-based care.

Sit in on this on-demand webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Why payers care about behavioral health more than ever before
  • How to prepare for negotiations with payers
  • How to get payers to take you seriously, get a foot in the door, and build relationships
  • Most effective strategies to secure a better contract

If you are interested in learning how to better position your practice to renegotiate with payers for increased reimbursement, this on-demand masterclass will be perfect for you.

Watch the Webinar