A Group Practice takes a Group Effort

Your group practice has a lot of moving parts. Take complete, cost-effective control of your behavioral health practice with Valant. We are the team behind your team.


Centralize to Organize


The larger and more diverse your group of specialists becomes, the more you need a practice management system you can rely on. Get your administrative work done quickly and in fewer steps with Valant’s integrated scheduling, streamlined billing, and actionable reporting.

Something for Everyone


Valant’s workflows are designed to be intuitive to all kinds of mental health professionals--regardless of their familiarity with technology. You won’t need to be a coder or engineer to elevate the quality & consistency of your clinical notes and outcomes across the whole practice.

Stay Ahead of the Curve


Behavioral health practices are no stranger to changing regulations (or their acronyms): DSM-5, ACA, P4P--oh my! That’s why Valant always stays one step ahead with tools and expertise to guide your practice to success in our ever-changing industry landscape.

New Product Features

Valant Telehealth

Valant Telehealth
Connect with your patients remotely and securely via Valant’s HIPAA-compliant, fully integrated telehealth platform.

Valant Telehealth

Valant eSignature
Enable your patients to sign consent forms remotely and reduce the administrative burden on your staff with Valant’s new secure, flexible, and fully integrated eSignature functionality.

Valant Report Center

Valant Report Center
Valant’s improved reporting platform can help you get the data you need to effectively manage your behavioral health practice.

How Much Does Valant Cost?

We offer a variety of flexible packages for both prescribers and non-prescribers. By providing us with a little bit of information about your practice, we can suggest a package that includes the functionality best suited to helping you achieve your practice goals.

Key Operations of Your Practice:

Shorten the Line in Your Front Office:

Manage your front office operations from one centralized location. Staff have the ability to check-in, send intake paperwork, collect payment, and record a billing charge without jumping from screen to screen. This means less data entry, less liability, and more accurate information.

How to keep your clients and staff happy:

  • Check-in and check-out efficiently
  • Administrative scheduling tools
  • Automated new client intake
  • Streamlined cash collection


Improve Your Clinical Organization

Valant’s client records offer security and accessibility for all of your clinicians. The clinical tools are built for collaboration, consistency, and quality. We offer integrated e-prescribing for the prescribers in your practice, as well as an industry leading treatment plan that supports Golden Thread methodology, and a library of clinical measurements.

Clinical tools designed by clinicians

  • Secure and Organized Charts
  • Clear and Consistent Clinical Notes
  • Collaborate Across Provider Specialties
  • Measure, Track, and Demonstrate Outcomes

Optimize Your Back Office

Shorten your revenue cycle by organizing yourself with Valant. We provide the tools and the data for your claims to be accepted at first-pass. With advanced Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) functionality and electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), you will understand exactly how much you were reimbursed--or why you weren’t and how to address it. Complete the cycle with our real-time reporting to understand the health of your business.

Get paid:

  • Automatic Charge Creation
  • Faster Claim Turnaround
  • Action reports across all practice functions
  • Reduce Aging & Accounts Receivable


Grow Into the Future

Valant sets your practice up for success in the changing landscape of behavioral health. With millions of outcomes recorded, we are on the cutting edge of value-based care. Our business intelligence metrics and reporting tools will enable you to position yourself for your future growth.

We set you up for success:

  • Make business decisions grounded in data
  • Participate in value-based contracts
  • Industry expertise
  • Scalable to grow as your business does

NEW! Prescription monitoring program integration. Click to see State Availability.



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