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North Carolina’s MCOs and the shift towards value based care

By March 6, 2015September 8th, 2021No Comments

Behavioral health professionals supporting Medicaid consumers in North Carolina don’t have to settle for subpar clinical tools when selecting an Electronic Health Record platform. In fact, it is important that you don’t, as Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organizations (LME-MCOs) continue to reward providers for value-based care (a.k.a. pay for performance, P4P or P4V).

In a recent comment on the ongoing debate regarding MCOs and behavioral health services (mental health and substance abuse), Dave Richard, deputy secretary for the N.C. Division of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities Services, acknowledged that the lack of long-term tracking “is a flaw in measuring outcomes.” He said, “We want to do a better job with following folks and will do a better job with tracking measuring.”

The MCOs have been tasked with cuttings costs. They are finding that the best way to do that–while preserving patient care–is to transition from a volume-based fee-for-service model to a value-based care model. As MCOs begin to incentivize provider performance, it is necessary that you have a way to track your patient outcomes.

Though the dust hasn’t yet settled on how MCOs will evaluate your performance, get ahead of the curve by adopting an EHR that includes a method of tracking patient progress toward treatment outcomes over time.

Valant’s EHR for behavioral health has an expanding library of measures that is naturally integrated into your clinical workflow and can be included in your clinical documentation. These assessments can easily be completed by your patient in session or at home. The clinical measures will then be automatically scored and summarized for your review. This score will be stored and tracked in the patient chart and can even be tied to a specific goal within the patient’s treatment plan.

Valant also offers your organization CARF-accredited documentation templates to streamline your work towards compliance. Through a technical integration at the claims submission level, our integrated practice management and billing tools are able to send claims directly to the MCOs for quicker payment.

It is possible to enable both better compliance and improved outcomes for your consumers. Don’t settle for an EHR that doesn’t meet all your clinical needs. Click the button below to schedule a demo now!


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