The Platform for Behavioral Health

We’ve seen technology advance and improve lives all around us. Except in behavioral health. Why is that? Why not experience the same usability you experience with your smartphone with your workflows? Why not experience the latest in data infrastructure technology to make your data more reportable and actionable? We believe behavioral health care deserves better. Introducing: the Valant Platform for behavioral health.

Reinventing the EHR

Built for the


Behavioral health is the lever for healthcare transformation. You need the right technology partner to help you take the lead. Integrated care, care management, and interoperability demand better technology and we’re challenging the status quo.

You don’t need an EHR


Outdated EHR technology can no longer keep up with the changing requirements of behavioral health care. The Valant Platform combines domain knowledge and technological expertise to exceed the capabilities of EHRs.



Valant allows you to choose workflows from a content library full of Evidence Based Practices. The flexible and extensible data model enables you to extract, report and visualize data easily in real-time. Improve business and clinical performance; position your organization to deliver value.

Overwhelmed by Technology Jargon?

The “EHR Technology Buzzwords” ebook breaks down the most common technology jargon used by EHR vendors, provides clear, easy to understand definitions, and describes how they relate to an EHR. While not everyone can be a CIO or CTO, being familiar with basic EHR technology terms will empower organizations to successfully select the best and most effective EHR to suit their needs and overall goals.

What makes us different

Extensible data Model

Data is a powerful tool that has the potential to significantly improve care for your clients and the health of your business. But so much data collected by EHRs sits idle because current technology limits the extraction and visualization of the data. Our platform takes a data first approach.

Our platform, your data

  • It’s your data. We make it secure and accessible
  • New care models made possible
  • Extractable, Actionable, Reportable. All on demand
  • No cost for actionable data


Mobile app-inspired user experience

The Valant Platform’s sleek and modern user interface is designed to be as intuitive as your smartphone and persona-driven to easily tame complex processes and guide multi-step tasks. The result is a non-invasive documentation process, better care coordination across multiple clinicians, and better data collection.

How you’ll benefit:

  • Clinicians will actually use the product
  • Intuitive, requires little or no training
  • Guided protocols, better outcomes
  • Collect high quality data

Forget Customization - Think Configuration

You have to report performance against a constantly changing landscapes of measures, respond quickly to business opportunities and risks, all in parallel to client care. You don’t have the time to wait for your EHR vendor to spend months customizing and coding a field needed for a new Medicaid regulation, and shouldn't pay an arm and a leg for it either.

Why is Valant different?

  • On demand response to change request
  • No hard coding or bolt-on custom software
  • Infinitely scalable
  • No additional cost, training, or productivity loss


Go-live Model

Valant uses an iterative, agile, and highly interactive approach to your launch. We call this our Progressive Demo Go-Live model. Because of the flexibility and extensibility of Valant’s platform, we are able to significantly reduce the time it takes for your organization to achieve full user-adoption.

How you’ll benefit:

  • No more 2 year implementations!
  • Maintain productivity through the go-live process
  • Reduce the burden on your clinicians and staff
  • No disruption of services
  We think you'll love the

Valant Platform for Behavioral Health

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