Integrated HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology.

Deliver Quality Care Anytime, Anywhere

Make healing accessible to your clients no matter their location. With telehealth built into your EHR and practice management software, you can easily widen the geographical reach of your client base. Don’t let traffic or illness increase your cancellation rates – connect with clients wherever they are and switch to a telehealth appointment on the fly.

Scheduling and initiating video visits is simple and can be done directly from your calendar. Your patient’s chart is accessible during the visit to review their history and document the session. And your patients will find the process easy and stress-free because they don’t need to download an app or software to log into a virtual visit.

Telehealth meeting on laptop

How to Create a Great Patient Experience via Telehealth

How can you ensure the patient has a great experience during their telehealth session? This question is especially important in mental health. Psychiatrists and therapists are often dealing with mentally vulnerable patients and clients, so establishing trust and a human connection is critical.

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Regain the In-Person Experience

Behavioral healthcare is well-suited for telehealth, but not all aspects of in-person appointments can be recreated through face time alone. With Valant’s telehealth experience, you can recapture the interactive nature of working with clients in the office through our patient engagement features.

  • Guest Access – invite additional participants to host couples and family sessions
  • Whiteboarding – collaboratively write and draw on a digital canvas
  • Chat – securely message your patient and participants while in session
  • Screensharing – share screens, windows, and tabs to get on the same page with patients

Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Visits

Using a third-party telehealth solution can strain your administrative workflows and raise your security risk. When you receive patient documents through a separate telehealth system, downloading to your computer then uploading to your EHR increases your data liability.

Protect your clients’ privacy and eliminate risk to your practice by choosing a video platform designed for telehealth built into the EHR. Developed specifically for mental health visits, our telehealth solution includes extra safeguards such as advanced authentication on both the client and clinician sides to ensure sessions are compliant and secure.

secure virtual visits telehealth
Telehealth meeting with patient and clinician

Integrated Telehealth to Boost Productivity and Keep Costs Low

Virtual visits launched from Valant’s EHR reduce your technological burden and administrative costs. Improve your practice’s efficiency by having a single tool and a consistent process to manage all types of patient visits. Schedule and manage all your in-person and telehealth appointments the same way using just one solution.

Easy for Your Clients to Use

Delivering a high-quality, hassle-free telehealth experience for your clients is critical for driving adoption and ensuring satisfaction with their virtual visit. With an integrated patient portal experience, our solution makes it easy for your patients to join their virtual session with no additional software to download or links to track down.

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What They’re Saying

My clients like that I can interact with them while documenting, and able to maintain good rapport with clients.

Therese J.Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Couldn't run my practice without it.

David B.Owner

Valant is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It was designed for behavioral health care providers specifically, so all of the functionality is geared toward those who provide mental health care.

Travis O.Clinical Director

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