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June is Pride month for the LGBTQ community, and we’re here to celebrate! In addition to the parades and dance parties, there were also successful fundraisers for those in need as well as memorials for those lost in hate crimes. To be sure, this year’s Pride month was full of meaning, love, and fellowship.

To show our support for the LGBTQ community, we decided to gather our favorite images and stories from this month to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Remembrance.

On June 12, 2016, no less than 49 people lost their lives at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The act was one of hatred and violence toward the gay community, and one year later, the same community that was attacked responds in love. Orlando united day: A day of love and kindness (and giving) was created one year after the tragedy. What could possibly be more representative of the LGBTQ community than turning tragedy into love and kindness?


  • 2. Love.

    Pride is all about being who you are and loving who you love without shame. Our favorite photos of pride parades are ones where the LGBTQ community gets outside and shows love for each other and friends! Whether it’s kissing your girlfriend or hugging your moms, Pride is all about the love.

    3. Dancing!

    Getting your groove on is definitely a great way to celebrate Pride. We loved blasting the beats and letting loose at Pride this month!

    4. Babadook.

    This one is silly to the max. When Netflix uploaded the scary movie Babadook to its streaming content, they accidentally tagged it as an LGBTQ movie. What was a simple mistake on their part turned into a gay icon: The monster Babadook is now considered a gay symbol!

    5. Boy Scouts.

    An organization that used to exclude boys for their sexual orientation have taken a 180-degree turn, as they not only now accept gay troop leaders, but transgender boys as well. Seeing this mentoring and leadership program include those in the LGBTQ community is truly heart-warming.

    6. Celebration at the Pentagon.

    The United States Armed Forces helped the LGBTQ community celebrate Pride with celebrations worldwide, including on the Pentagon lawn! Needless to say, this is a huge change from military stances in the past, and we’re happy to see so many Armed Forces personnel joining in the celebration.

    7. Diversity!

    Pride parades attract people from all walks of life coming together in support, love, and fellowship. We loved celebrating with our colleagues, friends and loved ones, and we hope you did, too!

    Happy Pride, everyone! May we celebrate diversity and acceptance all year long.